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I, Peonyam, Hereby state that all of the art in my folders belong to me and may not be replicated, sold, traded, given away, or otherwise taken under ownership of another person unless I grant specific permission. 

I do allow users to use these images as reference for commission work, gift work, art trade work, etc. That must be provided to me.  No individual may draw or replicate my characters and withhold the artwork from me. 

These characters are NOT free to use. 

By agreeing, you consent to this whole warning. 

  • The Copyright Act grants a number of exclusive rights to the authors of original works, for example the exclusive right to reproduce their works or to communicate them to the public. These exclusive rights exist to promote the creation and distribution of Canadian content, to allow creators and innovators to receive compensation for their efforts, to create jobs and foster investment, and to ensure a thriving marketplace that offers consumers choice and access to worldwide content.

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