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Please be aware I am a minor. I make mistakes sometimes and do not show me nsfw. (Fine with tiddies tho)

I am hypersensitive please don't be rude to me, I easily get mental breakdowns.

Let me know kindly if I forget to put a TW I will add one right away.

If we trade or I give you a character, please do not hoard it, it's a shame to see characters go to waste


-furry haters



-"pro life"

-Dream Stan

-art thief



-below 13


Some characters have ED related issues and some characters smoke, I will put warnings on characters accordingly

My Triggers:

Loud noises

the name Dior (brings back very awful, triggering memories)

images of certain foods, characters with ED's and other food related things (I do not get overly triggered and I do talk openly about my own problems but a warning would be nice)

Realistic gore

large groups

unsettling things with no warning

Getting yelled at

people calling me bad/being rude




flashing lights just generally really hurt my eyes and give me headaches

being told I'm dumb and not smart


-draconicpatches -claims narcissistic abuse isn't real, made me feel shit about myself, was unnecessarily agressive toward me when I forgot to add a TW once, and then threatened to block me for literally no reason and has done recently. It's quite immature and I really don't think I'm in the wrong but hey, wtf can I do about it.

-rakur4n - [TW] Guy I know irl, made a promise to REESE_ that he would never be like their other friends and just straight up leave, pretty much implied he wouldn’t care if I kms. Told me my life was easier because I have two parents, (what an asshole move) sent all my friends screenshots of my private conversation about something terrible that happened, which I’m sensitive about. Continued to say my deadname when I was clearly uncomfortable, continued to hang out with the person who told me and my friends to kll ourselves and who also said homophobic and transphobic things, called me an ass for defending myself, said, “so you’re too good for me now?” even though I never said such a thing, and a lot more terrible things.

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