The lands in which the gods of the two worlds reside. 

Paracosms is mostly a star-filled expanse, broken up occasionally by pocket dimensions that contain the homes of the gods, nicknamed as their castles. While they do visit the two worlds they reign over from time to time, they are most commonly found here, undiscovered and unreachable by most mortals, living their drama-filled lives.

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Project 785

Post-apocalyptic world, set mostly deep within the bunkers and tunnels underneath the Netherlands. 

People fled down there after what some call natural disasters, and some call divine punishment. They hide out here, waiting out the horror of the world above their heads - But some people swear that the world above is fine, and they are fools for not departing their hiding hole.



Victorian times London, except... You know, I'm noticing a lot of supernatural oddities around me, Mr. ████. That one sir by the corner of the street? I've seen him howling at the moon! The thief that comes by here sometimes? I swear, I've seen him in multiple places at once! Did you see that newspaper heading about the tiger once again murdering our good citizens?!

Heavens, what has our city come to?! Blasphemy, I say, good sir! Blasphemy!

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A quaint, small village in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Surrounded by thick forests and dizzying paths that lead to nowhere, resulting in a village that very few find, and even less ever leave. 

The inhabitants are all a bit unsettling in their own ways, but all seem to pretend that everything is fine and perfectly normal. To the north of Whisperhil lies an even darker forest, where it is rumoured the Phantasmanor lies...

 Horror   Fantasy   Halloween, baybey! 


The second world the gods created - But they don't know that tiny detail.

Skyships, mages, castles - They are intimately familiar with magic, the supernatural, and the gods themselves, and the capital city is one of the few places in the world where the people know the gods can and will appear before them.

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Cyberpunk setting where 'murder' has become such a desensitized topic to people, that there's a massively popular show all about it on TV and you can more or less buy weapons right from your corner street.

Doesn't mean everyone's okay with it, of course, but rebellion... Well, the government's seen enough movies to know how to deal with that.

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The first world the gods created, and subsequently but accidentally abandoned. When the twelve gods disappeared, Deciternal collapsed in on itself, the world no longer supported by divine magic. Now, magic has gone haywire, causing abominations, plagues, and harsh living conditions.

Only decades after the gods returned, have they been able to try and pick the pieces back up, but it is not at all easy.

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It's 2009! For most people, a rather alright year.

But the 2009 college class of Descoteaux University is the furthest thing from normal. You think going to college is hard enough? Try adding a few murders on top. See how you feel, then!

Welcome to 2009, indeed...

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1872. Gamblers, outlaws, and gunslingers have taken over a small 'western' town (aka they found an abandoned town and made it so).

The town seems strangely displaced out of time,
and it doesn't appear to pass to the residents of the town. What's more, there's talk of incomprehensible shadows on the fringes of town...

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Wip project. Don't worry about it.

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I'm part of (counts on fingers) like three DND groups so I get to design a lot of kids...

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