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ello! :0 how are you? uwu

I'm doing alright! How are you? :0

Good!! Im having a fan art war with one of my friends XDD

Ooo ! That sounds like fun xd

(soz, was having lunch) yep XDD

ahh so sorry abt the incredible late reply,,,I don't really check toyhouse too often xd

are you joining art fight this year perhaps? I'd love to give you a follow! :0

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your art is so cool pineapple- :0

thank you :pleading_face: !! your art is pretty cute too :0

ackkk thanks >w<

ofc !! i love cute lil artstyles like yours :>

n u h,, xD if your not like busy or something you wanna do like a DT or AT at some point? XD

I'd love to,,my commissions are totally empty so I definitely need something art related to do xd

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Hello, I love your art! <3

why thank you! that means a lot <3

hey thanfk you for the fav on my moth son 😳

no problem,,,I love your moth son chdbcbd

also thank you for the favorites on a couple of my kiddos !! :0