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Hi! I came across a profile who mentioned it may have been delisted and was wondering, did you have a code called 'Pisces'? I was interested in using it.

Do you mean "pieces" ? If so that's in my bargain bin; it has an old version under retired freebies and a revamped version under my coding challenges
if you are looking for a layout called "Pisces" I have never had one called that, you can try asking in the forums if anyone might recognize the name

Ah, the profile said it was called Pisces and the code is credit to you. I'll try to look around and ask the forum if I can, thank you!

hello! for some reason, ur profile codes are restricted when i click on the pastebin link? do u know how to fix that?

certain places block pastebin; if you're at school or a public library trying using your home internet, if you're in a country that blocks pastebin you'll need to use a vpn

ah alr. but i’ve used other codes that use pastebin.

then i'm not sure what the issue is; all my pastes are set to public and get views daily so they are working fine on my end


is the demo a f2u code? just curious

demo is the freebie version:

ouhhhhh oops, my bad. I thought it was somethin else xd

just a friendly reminder that you're awesome at coding and pretty much any code on my profile has come from you :D


Hiyo! I just wanted to say, thank you so so much for making! Its been invaluable to me as I've been starting to dabble with coding and what not- I cant thank you enough! :D


she/her - i think that’s very thoughtful of you to ask, thanks ! (i’ll add them to my profile so it’s easier for people in the future)


not sure if you check comments but I have a question about crediting ٩( 'ω' )و

if I use exclusively your templates on my personal account (only my friends who are authorized can see my characters) would it be okay if I do one giant credit to you on my user profile instead of on every single character profile? like I said, it’s only my few friends who can see my characters and they all check my profile. If not I’ll keep everything where it is by default 

yeah, that's fine !


heyoo, just wondering where your world code went? i think it was called flat world :0

it’s been retired and is no longer available, sorry !


It plays a song you link! If you click on it once and wait you'll hear it.


sorry i did not make that !


Thank you for your awesome free code I'm gonna use one of them thanks!

I'm going to use your free codes uwu I love them so much sajkghkshgks


link me to the profile so i can see the source code


you have to put the image url where it says "IMG URL"


I'm gonna use some of the free codes, all of them are so amazing good job!! (I read all the rules) <33

im gonna like use some of your(free) codes if thats okay! i read all the rules and stuff

I'm going to use your [Freebie] Pills code! Thank you very much! <3


screams in happiness

my ass finally bought my favorite code of yours!!!

using Tabs Page!!

this css is so amazing aA

I've used one of your character codes! Thanks for making this amazing content and also for letting us use it!

This user's account has been closed.

omg you dont have to be sorry for buying stuff LOl thank you though, glad you enjoy my work !

Hi, I'm thinking of using a template from your collection called freebie-overview to let you know that I will be using it

please read my rules before using my content, thank you. rules can be found here:

Hii! Just wanted to say that I'm using one of your templates because I really liked it!

From this code: Is there a way to replace the astronauts and rockets with plants? Edit: Oh and can you add different social medias like amino and Instagram?

how do i upload an 'avatar url'?

nevermind, i figured it out!

Hey, how’d you do it? I haven’t been able to find anything yet!

go to google (on computer), search for your image, and right click it. then, select 'copy image address'. then, paste it where it says that!

Thank you!

do you by any chance, have a code for the warning that appears on the profile?

hello, i just wanted to say that im a big fan of your coding, it's always gorgeous !!! ♥ ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶ - castiiian

thanks !

Out of sheer curiosity! Is there a way to use multiples of this on one page:

I'm trying to do so here for information on different regions for a world I am making, but all the buttons only control navigation to the first blurb (Imber):

I've tried to use div> and < div> to separate the coding for the different boxes but that doesn't seem to help ;; Am I missing a way to try and have more than one on the same page, or is there just no way to do that?

look at the code ... the buttons are tied to divs by IDs if you keep using the same ID they are going to be tied to the same thing

Oof I guess it was simple idijsk. I was thinking it’d be a much harder fix, but I’ll try changing the IDs! Thank you so much for your response, I really appreciate it!

this might be a bit dumb but!!
what happened to the free ver. of the mini theme? are you remaking it or is it pay only now wawawa ówò

it's been retired & replaced with my freebie "overview"


Is there any way to give these images boarders automatically? Tysm!

use the "img-thumbnail" class

Thannnkyou!!!!!! <3

with the code here do you have a site icon button of youtube? ;u;

you can use any font awesome icon. google “font awesome” if you don’t know the codes

Found it! Thank you so much! <3

Is there any way you can edit your coding to make it easier to credit photos in a moodboard? I want to do it, but I'm not super great with coding.

upload moodboard photos to your character gallery and credit them there

Good idea! Thank you!

This looks really cool, thank you for allowing people to use these!

Thank you so much for breaking apart the site and bringing so many resources to us all!
I really enjoyed buying and customizing your css base for my page!

Just wanted to say I love your html! It gives a lot of creative vibes when editting them for my ocs :3 

aw, thank you ;u;/ glad to help !

I'm going to try out one of your user space codes!! ^^ It looks amazing!

Stll since the last time i asked you i havent been able to get the images to work T^T

i always knew being an egg would bring me fame and fortune one day 🥚

And you did it without even getting your yolk out. Proud of you.

Hello ~

I have been looking for the character here but I can't seem to find who her owner is huhu 

I suspect she's your OC but... do you have a page dedicated to your  OCs? I don't seem to find your About me page either.

the character belongs to my friend Fey! she lets me borrow some of her characters for my templates LOL this one in particular is currently on a side account cuz she's being revamped

my personal characters are Wicked though that account is pretty empty rn, i'm in the process of revamping

Ooooohhhhhhhh both of you have such lovely OCs //sobs

Yes, I didn't see the OC in Fey's account hnnnn

But I will be looking forward to your characters ^^ they have been interesting witches and elves!


omg thank you... i do love it WEEPS my beautiful grumpy girl gets to be the new shop mascot


eggs and yellow are the best combo I'm dying squirtle

just love me a good egg, ya know....



it's permanent LOL me brand is gudetama now... thank you, i'm glad you enjoy it !

can u make me free customs?

depends... will u hold my paw through a big roller coaster ride.....

I’m going to answer yes, then run as soon as you’re strapped in...

once a paw held it is not let go ... strap in we going on this coaster eue

I’ll just tell them I’m allergic to heights and will die if we go.

Muaha, found the comments! Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for all that you do! ♥♥♥ Have a wicked day! *w*

aw, thank you for such kind words! i'm glad you like my work ;u;/

You are most welcome, just being honest. ♥♥ And I think it helps for folks to get thank yous once in awhile to know that their work isn't going to waste.   




How do you change the color of progress bars?

How do you change the color in a header?? I tried but it turns black rather thna the color I want

explained in my resources:

you must set the hex code to the color you want


i can't believe you come around these parts just to shit on my comments... the disrespect.....

love your codings they are all so pretty and neat!! what happened with the freebie minimal?? I loved using it ;;

ahh it wasn't one of my personal favs so i took it down.. if you'd like to still use it you can tho! here's a link to it:

i'm not sure i'll always have it up so feel free to save a local copy of it!

Okay, I have a few questions. I was thinking of messaging you, but either way, I would be bothering. I love your layouts and honestly, I have been playing around with them and combining them together and it's really teaching me a lot. Thank you for all your template help! Sorry for the questions, you are awesome by the way!

1. How are you able to change the progress bar colors? Are we actually able to change them? 2. How do you know the icons that go in the header? I have to like guess what should be written there and it's really frustrating trying to come up with words for one icon. Maybe you have like a website or a list of all the icons somewhere?

1. assign colors with inline styling or use default bootstrap background color classes:

2. they are font awesome icons:
foundation icons will also work:
& plain text symbols can be copy & pasted in as well:

in the future please ask questions on the forums, there is a help there here:
or you can make your own board if it is a larger issue

good luck with your layouts!

Howdy!!! Firstly, I want to say how amazed I am with your coding skills and overall profile! I am amazed at what you can do! Secondly, I hope this isn't a silly question but how do I edit these stars? For example -

Charisma ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

How would I go about editing the stars to fit my character's personality?

((the theme I am referring to is the grid theme listed under character templates on here -

you just erase the stars till it’s the amount you want! the idea is it’s 1-5

Aaaa that makes sense!! Thank you so much!

Hello! Didn't know where would be best to ask you this but, would you ever be interested on working on a deviantart layout? For like the profile front or maybe even when you open up the gallery? I understand if not, its a whole other platform just wanted to know! Thanks for your time c:

hi there! unfortunately i dont have a premium membership on dA so i have no experience making layouts there/aren't able to make them. thanks for your interest though!

Well I thought I'd ask c: Your layout's are gorgeous so! <3 Please keep working with it, as long as you enjoy it too. 

Hello I'm new

ahhhh sorry, I was just looking around and I just wanted to say that I have completely fallen in love with your witch ocs! They are absolutely stunning

aw, thank you for the compliment! i'm glad you like them 'u'/

Waaah you're amazing!!

You sound awesome with such knowledge about all this complicated HTML coding!! How neat!! <33 


im always HERE where are have YOU BEEN little deer?? those little hooves been trotting along deep in the forest, far from this city trashcan...

Your OCs are so lovely?!?! +__+ The galleries are so cute and omy the witches/// Your babies are wonderful ; v;

wah, thank you for the kind words! i'm glad you enjoy them ;u;

Hey ^o^ sorry for the weird comment, but I was just curious if you had any plans to adjust the codes you already made so they're less broken.  I bought some from you and they're ded huhu. Just wondered/ 

my coding shop is full of new layouts that work with the new site set up

old layouts will continue to work on the site's "legacy" setting. i will not be re-coding them and giving it away from free do to the over whleming amount of time it would take

EDIT: Nevermind XD


i'm a hazard, you gotta keep a safe distance !!


Thanks for faving my character, appreciate it. Its very encouraging.

I just wanted to stop by and say I really love all you ocs! Especially the witches since they're so cool and developed and such interesting characters and well the world can never have enough gay witches <3

And all your profile layouts are really impressive and they all look so wonderful and cleanly set up! And also all your outfit designs are amazing, where do you find inspiration for them?

wah thank you for the kind words ;u;/ that's so sweet of you !!

For my outfits... I just really like clothes LOL As siily as that sounds I just look at clothes a lot and make outfits that are combinations of things I like haha

Of course~ I had fun reading about your ocs so I feel it's only right to give something back.

Ah well that makes sense, you have great taste in clothes then!


ldjfs thanks !! what i have now is actually a wip for a template WEEPS hopefully i can make it look EVEN BETTER !!

Heyo! I'm just wondering Are your character templates free to use or are they pay to use?

I have both!

I have pay to use CSS & HTML templates here:
And then I have some HTML freebies here:

^.^ thank you

Are these ones here free too? They're really cute :0 Asking just to make sure

layouts that are free are listed in my freebiest thread that i previously linked; if it is not in my freebies thread, it is not free

OKi dokes

-comes back every single day just to look at your ocs. can't stop, won't stop.-

adjfls thank you ?? that's so sweet of you to say WEEPS i'm glad you enjoy them ;u; hopefully i'll actually get some updates on them in the upcoming weeks so there's more interesting things to look at haha

YOUR KIDS are just so nice to look at, I really love how you set up each profile and I love every single char even more +w+

The way you do your CSS on your page/chars makes me weep with envy, I tell ya. It's all so goregous. I really need to sit down one of these days and figure out the CSS on this site for my own stuff. (I went to school for web/graphic design but you'd never guess it, heh.)

ah thanks! i had wanted to go to school for graphic design when i was younger but went a different path, so making profiles here is my little hobby haha

i sell templates here:
if ya' ever wanna take the easy way out LOL

lol I have seen your thread before and I'll admit I'm tempted, but I think I keep telling myself I should just figure out how to do it myself so I can feel like I actually am not a complete failure of a designer xD but if I ever finally give up on that I will totally keep you in mind!

Hope I'm not a pest by asking this, but could I ask you to take a look at my profile and tell me what you think? I know it's fairly simple (kind of on purpose, really.) but I'm pretty happy with how it came out and since you (without probably realizing it) kind of helped inspire me to work on it I just thought I'd like your thoughts ^^

Hello! Your profile is a little broken for me? I took a screenshot:

It's because you've used a table with a swet width but the width of your profile is generated dynamically, so the table is too wide on my resolution and bleeds outside the content area/causes a side scroll. Also, the color of your notif buttons on the header are kind of hard to see with the colors you've chosen (the dark pink on dark blue)

That aside, it looks cute 'u' I love all the pink and the dotted borders (o o)d I'm glad I could help motivate you to make something ;u;/

ah yeah, I'll fix that thanks for bringing it up.

As for the notifications I have tried to fix it, but I can't seem to figure out which tag changes those colors :/ the header actually used to be that dark pink but I changed it to the teal so you could at least see them at all since before they were completely invisible.

if you use: #header a {color: #fff;}

it will turn them white!

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o jeez ur theme is bomb af

wah thank you ;u;/ i'm glad you like it !


You have some of the most beautiful characters I have ever seen!~ I love how each one is so thought out and their pages are gorgeous!~

thank you for the kind words ;u;/ i'm glad you like them and their pages !

I really adore how you did Lily's profile!! ;o; and I also really adore the design, heck...

thank you !! i'm glad you like them ;u;/


wah thank you for the compliment ;u;/ im glad you enjoy them !!

Ahh did you end up selling morwyn? I came here to stare at her beautiful face and she's not here owo

yup she's sold !

omg this new layout xD GOOD STUFF

omg THANKS !! i... missed my old one and switched back WEEPS that twitter one was like my magnum opus tho, it'll return someday...

omg RIP Twitter layout xD So good tho omg, it was convincing to an uncanny degree

Love the new profile format!! Amazing job C:

thank you for the compliment ;u;/


wah, thank you! i'm glad it is convincing haha 'u'/


sure! i'm have a little bit of queue right now so it might be a couple of weeks before I finish but I'm pretty much always open to taking orders 'u' my info can be found here:

thanks for the interest 'u'/


this profile looks so great..... i loveee it.... your codes are always so great aaaa

adfs thank you !! thats so sweet of you ;u;/


omg thank you?! i'm sitll hobbling away on it... i'm glad it's looking nice ;u;

ur rude and u don't deserve me.

blocked and reported


what kind of question is this ? it's in the name fey!!!


holds ur hoof. what a good deer !!

Asgdkdkd your characters and layouts how much would it be for custom CSS codings?

aw, thank you ;u; !! i have custom coding information located here:

my prices vary based on what exactly you're looking for, if you had a particular layout idea in mind feel free to run it by me via pm and i can give you a price estimate ;u;/

I don't know where to start or how even to start XD OTL All I really know is that I would like my backgrounds to look like this? With white and light blue borders? And fonts? I'm sorry I really am bad with this haha

Did you mean for a user profile? I can make you something like that. Was there any other specific elements you were looking for in the profile~ any particular styling to any of the other elements of the profile? (bulletins, comments, character gallery, etc.)

Oh I would like comments and character galleries also character profiles

you have super cute characters!! ahhh <333

wah, thank you ;u;/


omg fey........ gently touches.

Kyaaaah! Your witches are so beautiful

thank you !! ;u;

My witches are nowhere near as good


good i deserve it

also your profile layouts drive me nuts they're awesome and well-made.

adkjfs thanks for the kind words!! making layouts is my fav thing to do around here LOL

Your witches are absolutely gorgeous, and seeing that two are in a relationship put the biggest damn smile on my face.

WICKED OCs, Wicked! I just had to tell you that.




but WHO IS SHE.........


oh lily.... she's taking over morwyn's role. she a good egg. (and by good egg i mean terrible person)


my god i feel like such creep but going through all your ocs makes me wanna draw them all >:0

djflads thank you ?? wah you're so kind, i'm glad you enjoy my designs so much ; u ;/

yw friend ;w;.


omg thank you, that's very kind of you to say ;u;/

you have such lovely characters! i admire your coding work too ☆

that's very kind of you to say, thank you ;u;/


wah thank you that's very kind of you ;u;/


Ah, thank you for the compliment ;u; I went back and forth on this layout for a while before I settled on something, I'm glad you like it!


AAA i love all your characters ; __;

wah ty for the compliment! i'm glad you like them ;u;/

kyaa >//o//< wicked-chan.....................


wah, thank you for the kind words ; u ;

I have a boy witch character and my first thought went to you because witches R U PROUD he here smushes face

e u e i'm SO PROUD! he looks cool, i like his tats!! stay magical 'u'/

Hello <3 Sorry to bother, but I wanted to see if my payment went through. I only have one day off and I really wanted to get to work on my profiles with the code ^^;