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Emo Dogs

Emery Sargent Ransom Hailey Albina Harrison Kyle Roswell Todd Sebastian Carter Finn

This tag covers all dogs with that stylized spikey and in-your-eyes hairstyle. Despite them being called emo dogs, they not all emo. It's just a blanket term to catagorize them.


Lian Kaiden Estella Fen Kai Xu Firecracker Jia Mingzhi Xiaowen Yangtze Yazhu Wei Xiulan Zhi Jijing Jingyi

All characters under this tag are of Chinese origin. Some of them do not, however, have Chinese names. Because I am from China, it is important for me to have characters that reflect my nationality.

Tibetan Mastiff

Yue Xiuying Gao Jiahao Bao Zheng Wen Hua Qui Xinyi Archie

Tibetan Mastiffs are my absolute favorite dog breed (despite my username being Poodlette). So naturally, I would want to grow my own army of their fluff and wrinkles!


Seongmin Ji-Yu Jae Seojun Young-Gi Suk-Ja Pyong-Ho Jun-Ho Haneul Soo-Jin

Society16 is the company that all of these model work for. They are mainly a lingerie and underwear company but also sell everyday and sports wear.


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"Individual Characters"

Individual Characters



A shy human-dragon morpher and fighter coming to terms with the loss of his mother.



A cheerful young woman despite such a troubled past, Kimiko is able to see the good in everyone and everything.



Growing up in a lavished household, Seongmin refuses to settle for anything less. Thankfully, she doesn't have to thanks to her successful modeling career.



Unlike his much happier, younger sister, Kimiko, young fighter Tokiro has stepped up to be the best big brother he can and is—almost to a fault—protective and untrusting.



Yue is the matriarch of the Tibetan Mastiff pack. She is a natural-born leader but is prone to fits of general anxiety and feelings of inadequacy.



Adalia is extremely introverted. She would love nothing more than to live out her life surrounded by the sounds of nature and her many forest friends.


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