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  • Some characters WILL have cults, cannibalism, and murder in their backstories.
  • Some characters will, eventually, have body horror in their designs.
  • Some characters may have have images that depict self harm
  • Althoguh all characters with these kinds of content ARE marked indivudually, still be careful before just clicking accept.


  • Do NOT offer on any characters that have the NFS tag. It WILL result in a block AND blacklist for about a week or two.
  • It's fine to ask to be notified if/when a character goes UFT/when they are no longer being held, but do NOT do it on characters that specify they will never be for sale, ever.
  • If you have been blocked by me on any sites, do NOT offer on my characters. A block equals a blacklist.
  • If a character does not have the NFS tag, just yeet your offers at me- I need to get rid of all of them that don't have NFS-


I don't believe in any biased opinions, discrinational opinions, or any of the like that my characters my have in their backstories. Just because my characters do something doesn't mean I entirely agree it's okay and that I do it too.

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