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This Toyhouse can be messy and has characters flagged Adult Content. The user has severe anxiety and can not handle social interactions at times, because of this she may not answer you quickly. This toyhouse also may contain adult content though it will be hidden to minors as everything is appropiately tagged for their safety.

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None of my personal characters are for sale or trade, only those in the trade and sale folder are to be offered on. I do accept art instead of payment at times, I am always open to haggle.

Please do not kin any of my characters or ship them with your own as only my boyfriend is allowed to have shipart with them being that we often pair our characters together.

Please do not send me drama, I have anixety and it doesn't bode well when trying to work with people.

Do not steal my characters as they are not for your personal use. Thankyou!

If you have been blocked its either because of the following reasons:

1. You have Scammed me.

2. You have ghosted me after promising money or making me hold a character for you then ghosted me.

3.You have caused drama to me and I rather not deal with it any longer.

4. you have irgnored my messages after money has been agreed on for a character

5. You are a character Flipper.

If you beleive you have been wrongly blocked, I do not mind you messaging me else where in a MATURE manner to dicuss removal of block. I will need your TH name, and when we last spoke if any. However! Harassment will not be tolerated, if you are caught block evading to start drama on TH you will be reported.

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