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yo it'll take forever for me to look at all these bomb-ass designs but please assume i favorite all your dragons <3 (had to hit my childrens as soon as I saw them!)


Thanks for the fav! You have some lovely characters :> 

Thank you!

I hope you don't mind me adding so many of your characters to my favorites. You just have so many gorgeous characters!

I dont mind at all! Thank you so much! <3

Thanks for the fave~

Your lair and your toyhou.se gallery is a bliss for every artist seeking inspiration! >3<

awww jeez...thank you! i just spend way too much time making characters XD

Well, I think it's a cool way to express your creativity, too! 

The world needs more storytellers. :D

So far, what I could tell from just the thumbnail of your characters, they are gonna be awesome :D

ahhhh thank you! i still have so much work to do