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Hi there! Before you interact with my profile, please read this!


  • Copy, trace, reference, steal, etc. any of my art or ocs! It's super rude and very wrong!
  • Ask for or offer on my ocs that aren't for sale! You're welcome to ask if I'll ever sell them, just please don't directly ask for my ocs that aren't for sale.
  • Start drama. Please just solve things maturely.
  • Accuse me of hoarding ocs. All of my ocs are very well loved! All of my ocs in the archive folder are going to be used for speedpaints of their redesign and I'll start using them again, however I'm not confident enough to make speedpaints yet.

Content Warnings

  • I draw lots of gore, so if you're uncomfortable with that please be careful. Most pieces have warnings but it may be in the icon of the oc or backstory.
  • I am a minor, so don't be creepy or talk about NSFW stuff, I will not hesitate to block you so you're wasting your time.
  • My toyhouse is quite a mess right now, I need to find time to sort my ocs and upload all their art.

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