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EXTREMELY important poll

Posted 18 days, 15 hours ago by Pyatiugolnik

which of my mag frags is the best

1 Votes kolo
0 Votes ellipsa
0 Votes suza
0 Votes chetyre
1 Votes polumesec
0 Votes linija
1 Votes rendgen
0 Votes trougao
0 Votes kvadrat
1 Votes prav
0 Votes prizma
1 Votes dijamant
1 Votes pyatiugolnik
0 Votes zvezda
0 Votes sekizgen
0 Votes zehneck
0 Votes farley
0 Votes vodovorot


link to the folder for easy access ->

can you keep a secret

Posted 19 days, 21 hours ago by Pyatiugolnik

have you... Read:tm:

3 Votes yes i have
3 Votes i will one day

hey guess what? keep a secret is over at about 70k words! hey that's the length of the average novel! that's neat (i haven't slept in over 24 hours)

please read it and validate me 

anyways if you haven't read KAS (and its prequel story, grieve in blood) you probably should go do that... like... soon. because on june 1st i will start updating the profiles of the main characters to reflect the changes in the storyline, and i don't like how outdated their profiles are. don't worry there'll be a big warning at the top of the profile warning for spoilers, but like, yeah you get the idea

these edits are going to include:

  • morning star
  • magnotris
  • sterling (he didnt even have a profile................)
  • jubilee
  • rendgen
  • sundae
  • wage
maybe a few other characters, but i think these are the primary ones. everyone else will be left untouched as pre-GIB because inconsistency is my middle name

i may also go back to touch up GIB in a few places. it's kind of a slowburn disaster atm. but we'll see i'm very exhausted. and then maybe i'll start the third book (?? are these books now??) in the series

ok thank you for coming to my ted talk

new folder layout is done!

Posted 4 months, 14 days ago by Pyatiugolnik

favorite universe?

1 Votes eucaritia
1 Votes angiia
0 Votes pegmatite
1 Votes endoverse
0 Votes hantel
1 Votes snackeria
0 Votes orbis
1 Votes alkaverse
1 Votes the game
0 Votes serdium
0 Votes other?

i hope you like it! i redied all 135 folders using nesting folders. a few (eucaritia, assorted) will take a while to load bc it's bringing up 300+ characters on the page, but i hope they're easy to navigate and more easy to understand!

please let me know if you see any errors or have suggestions for improvement! also yes there's a weird empty space. that's because i may have been working on something with Lunila that we may have solid concepts for pretty soon. stay tuned for a tarot universe!

my website is pretty again

Posted 6 months, 21 days ago by Pyatiugolnik

spent the last few days touching it up. especially god spectrum + gen info + races page (GOD, please look at the races page i'm so proud of it). a lot of the content was old and i was kinda ashamed of it so i hope y'all didn't look at it too much hah h

but anyways yeah it should actually be a helpful resource now for Me OCs and worldbuilding!