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Hello there!

My name is Tigress. At least that's what I go by here. Bet you can't guess my favorite animal haha! Feel free to have a look around my profile and take a look at my characters. This warning may be long or short, but it's some key information about me and my account.


  • I am an adult. I do not want to put my age on my profile, though I will answer if asked in PM. I am 100% ok with any age persons viewing my profile. Anything that is even somewhat sensitive is marked as whatever it is.
  • I am a casual furry and have a fursona. I am not one of the sterotypical ones and I do not partake in any of the things that furries get a bad rap for. So, please get to know me before judging anything about me.
  • I enjoy anime, video games, and other such things. I own a decent amount of characters, I love them all to varying degrees, and plan to use all of them in some capacity at some point. If I fall into your opinion of a "hoarder", be civil about informning me when/if I attempt to obtain one you may be selling/raffling.
  • I do my best to read warnings. If I miss something, please remember that I am human and humans make mistakes. If an issue does arise, please contact/get someone who can contact me to explain the situation and give me a chance to apologize.


  • Favorite any of my characters that you like
  • make gift art (SFW)
  • strike up a convo, if you want
  • enjoy your time here


  • steal my OCs
  • trace/copy/whatever any art on here
  • offer on any OCs outside of the sales folder
  • be a dick

Warnings listed here are for your (the person reading this) comfort. If there is anything in my account that may make you uncomfortable, then I strongly suggest you do not enter. If you disregard the warnings listed, there are not many, then I am NOT at fault for your discomfort while looking around.


  • Bright colors
  • Some gore/blood (marked)
  • I have a singular character with a piece of art that includes uncensored nipples/nudity. The artwork is marked correctly and you must be authorized to see the full image.
  • If I think of another thing, I'll put it here


  • you're anyone that falls under typical DNI stuff. I may not be a minor, but people still be creepy.
  • you're going to be rude/mean/whatever. This is MY profile. Kindly leave and eat a sock.
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I don't typically keep a blacklist and I try to get along mutually with everyone, even if it is just small talk. I have seen plenty of bewares and warnings made by others, but I have not had incredibly bad experiences with anyone as of yet. So, I hope to keep this list blank.


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