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The following profile may contain some content that aren’t suitable for viewers under thirteen, view description is advised. Please note that I store all of my characters in my profile, since I do not do trades or sell any adopts here.

Before you interact with me, please read the following rules carefully.

Character Rules:

- Do not repost/copy/trace/heavily referencing/mimic my characters.
- Do not ask me for trades, because I don’t do them.
- Do not steal one of my designs and claim them as yours.
- Do not use my characters for RPs.
- Do not ship one of my characters to another character of yours. 

You are allowed to make fan art of one of my characters, but please do not draw them from the following things listed below:

- Do not alternate the designs of my characters
- Do not draw any NSFW material out of my characters.
- Do not genderbend my characters.
- Do not draw one of my characters that are involved in any fetishes of all kind.
- Do not make any hate art or anything that is considered hateful or offensive out of my characters.
- Do not draw one of my characters with suggestive themes. 

If I see that you broke one of the rules listed from above, I will block you for a year, and if I caught you doing this again, I will block you permanently from my profile (this also applies to all of my social media accounts as well.).

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