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Hello! Welcome to Rainbow000Pegasus'!

By continuing to my page you understand and agree to my terms regarding my characters.

My rules regarding my characters and images hosted on are as follows:

General Rules

  • These characters are mine and I created them from scratch, please do not copy, steal or create parody characters off them.
  • Some of my characters has the theme of disorders. My characters are each different to each their own, and some might have conditions that others have. Please note that I have done research on ailments and history, and that if you have the condition and how I portray the character bothers you, feel free to discuss with me, but do note that, yes, I have done research, and your situation differs from the character.
  • For fandom characters, please note that some of them will stray from the canon pathway to fit my characters. If you are not pleased by this, do not access the fan characters folder!
  • Do not copy, steal or trace any of the images I have up. Please respect the original artists.

Drawing Rules

  • Please prioritize using images I draw as references when drawing.
  • When drawing please keep them SFW!

Thank you for reading!
If you didn't... I expect you to follow these rules regardless.

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