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Hey do you do customs by any chance?qwq

yeah! i have a custom commission option available! dm me mon Instagram @rokuchu_ if you're interested! ^^  

Alr also before I dm u what's the price for ur customs?

hey! My favorite piece of art you ever did was a gif actually. It's very old however. Link. I was wondering if I could get something like this for characters or maybe art? And if you still play acnh i can offer materials

hey there! im actually planning to open up animation commissions again since i got a better program but unfortunately they'll only be for really money D: 

ah alright. Do you accept giftcards?

yeah i do accept gift cards but not atm :O

ah ok ^^'

Do you think you could accept gift cards at this time?

not at the moment unfortunately :{

wait a minu

roku pals     


Hi there, I'm sorry to bother you but I was wondering if it would be okay to credit you for the creation of my baby, dreamii?

I just got him and was hoping to fix his credits ^^

of course!   

The credits should be pending for you ^^


my dad is bald     

Are your customs currently open ?? 💖💖

not atm! Sorry! 💖💖

Alright !! Thank you Anyway :>

OMG thank you for drawing my son! ;;v;;;



Do you do customs by any chance?

Currently they’re closed but yes, I do customs! ^^

alright thanks!
and do you do commissions?

I can do yachi for zipper or hiroto

I can do hiroto!!

Hey rokuchu, ur art is so adorable, if you do commissions, can you lmk when they are open?

Hello! I do! But currently they’re not open and I don’t keep any cues either, it’s first come first served! Although I post a heads up on amino on when they will open before I actually open them so if anyone is interested they’ll see :] 💖💖💖💕

Ok, thanks for letting me know 

Thank you for all participating in my raffle! im ending the raffle a few minutes early as i am grounded lol 

the winner for the raffle is ToRoi! ill be transferring the character to you! if anyone wants a screenshot ill be also adding that to the characters gallery <3

Congratulations ToRoi!!! 

Thank you so much! I’ll be sure to give her a wonderful home!

yo ! are your commissions open ?

Not at the moment! Although I’m planning to make more art to update my wiki because I’m planning to open them soon <3


Oe oe! Are you accepting ArtTrade? 👉👈 If I have an easier means of communication, I may be able to show you my work 

I’m currently not accepting art trades atm but feel free to comment on my wall on amino examples so if I do open them up again I could hopefully get back to you! 💖

ahh ok! okay! I'll be waiting ✨

please lmk when your comms are open ;v;

I do! They’re both currently not open atm but thank you for the interest! I open them on oc amino if you’re still interested in the future! 💖💖

please tell me if any of your ocs are for offers :,0

Naomi is uft/ufo!

anyone in my th for her?

I didn’t see anyone but thank you for your offer! <3



your amazing bby, never forget that 🥺👉🏼👈🏼

Sorry for not crediting you yet! I’m still figuring out toy house!

It’s totally fine! Toyhouse is really confusing lol