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General Warnings

  • Strong NSFW
  • There are some sensative topics that may be written in some character profiles that may be triggering.
  • There may be some gore in some of the character pages and or stories.

  • Don't PM me about any content and complain about it. I've put this warning here for a reason. You will be blocked if you do so.
  • If you're interested in a character thats in the XXX folder, you can dm me about them but there's a low chance I will be willing to sell them.
  • Please dont steal any of my characters or their stories. SOme of the stories are very close to heart to me, and some are even vent chracters to help me deal with some shit.
Other Info

  • I am over 20 y/o
  • If I dont respond to a PM/DM Its either because i find it stupid, I read it but forgot to respond, or i wasnt at my omputer to respond properly or in a setting to. please feel free to re-send messages to me. Im forgetful and busy.

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