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Thanks again for the art. I love it!

I'm glad you do! She was fun to draw! 

Sorry about steamrolling you (in my own thread, too!)--I fixed my post and have a little something for Seamus on there now. It was fun taking a stab at some little details of his character!

It's ok, it happens! And thank you, I love what you came up with! <3

//screams and has a fan attack over your avatar

Stump!! <3

Ahh thank you! <3

Whooaa you have so many interesting characters! *0* I really love the ones in your spooks folder >3< Do you draw a lot?

Why thank you! <3

And yeah, I draw a lot! Most of my characters were drawn/designed by me as well!

That's amazing! Do you have a favorite character?

Mm, not really! I do love some more than others but they're all my kiddos <3

Aaw that's so nice ;u; Which one is the most fun to draw for you? For me, I like drawing my character Annona the most!

Hm, I'd say Anna! I love making new outfits for her -- she's one of my oldest characters!

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Hi! Just wanted to let you know I've already recieved that oc in the thread ( " 

  • Please look in the transfer log to see if the user has already received the character you are gifting. Do not send a user a character they have been gifted before. " ) could you send a different one please? c:

Sorry about that! Idk why I didn't see your name on the transfer log the first time, sending another one now~

no worries!

Hhhhh you like the holy emo Trinity a n d set it off. I like you

y e s oh my god i love them 

im amazed you know who set it off is AND you like them holy hecc

i like you too hnnnn

What's your favourite song I must know. Mine is I'll sleep when I am dead.

hmm thats a good question

probably "No Control"

I love the opening and the violin parts

Ooooo yes good song

I love your layout!

Oh cool! Thanks for letting me know <3

No problem! <3

Psst- are you working on the character I made for you's bio, or is something else going on? I'm just curious as to why they don't appear to have a bio up yet!

I am, I just haven't been able to post anything lately.. Been busy!

Ahh, okay! Sorry if I'm being a bother, I was just curious. I like to know what happens with the designs I make!

No, it's ok! <3

You seem like an interesting person!

Ay thanks! Thank you for the sub as well!

It's alright! It'd be nice to learn more about the webcomic project.

I'd love to reveal more but first I have to put it all together! XD

Heh, actually I'm preparing for a webcomic in the future too! Rays were my first character ever and I made her in 2014/15?

That sounds cool! I love when you can hold on to a character for years...

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