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HI HII !!! ::D

Hi !! I am Rot I am an anthro and human artist ! This is my warning page please read! ::)


  • What I draw and write do not always reflect my personal opinion!! (EX. homophobia)
  • I block people very easily as I don't see it as a big deal! If your blocked don't take is personally.
  • I rarely use other social media and am not "in the know" if people have done something wrong. PLEASE DM me!
  • I make art bi-weekly! So making owed pieces may take a little longer than normal!
  • If I’ve bought/shown interest in a stolen character PLEASE message me it is unlikely that I know. I will remove them from my page ASAP.


  • Gift art of my characters!!
  • DM me, my inbox is always open.
  • Fave spam my characters!! I find it very kind!
  • Add my characters to a dreamie list! I think it's very nice, if I don't like it I will DM you to please remove them.
  • Offer on any of my characters! I will always reply even if it is with a no!


  • Copy/Heavy reference my characters or stories!
  • Repost or reupload my art for *ANY* reason (read my tos regarding commissions)!
  • Start drama with me without trying to resolve it privately.
  • Continuously pressure me to finish art.

My page, at time, may contain disturbing imagery. These will always be properly censored and given warnings if I feel they need one. The ones below are what I will be censoring/warning for.


  • Blood/Gore
  • Vomit or another "extreme" sickness
  • Violence
  • Death or near death


  • You do not respect neo-pronouns
  • You are anti-LGBT (EX. Homo/Trans/Lesb/Bi...phobic etc)
  • You are promap, a pedophile, proshipper or anything like that
  • You are a Trump supporter or generally right wing
  • You are anti BLM/ACAB

If you are on my block list you have most likely made me very uncomfortable or broke one of my OR my friends rules.


  • Redekleh
    • Did an art trade with me, ignored me after I finished my half, lied about starting a trade with me, deleted my art then sold the character and blocked me.
  • user
    • ...
  • user
    • ...
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