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L’OaSis Lo

Founded 08/15/19 . LevEl 65 . Lions 57/131

Habari! Karibu Kwenye Kiburi! Hello, Welcome to the Realms! The prides main language is Swahili but their are some other languages strewed about depending on the locations. Our Emblem is a stream pooling down a massive Acacia Tree while the roots are engrained into the oasis’s basin. Four paw prints encase the Emblem and they represent the present lions and the lions to come and to go. Safiri had all the lions in his pride collaborate on the project as that’s what he always dreamed of. It is now etched into the tree in the middle of the pride lands where all can see the pride has staked their claim and to remind themselves of how they are tied together in the circle of life as the realms unified together in their new and glorious expansion.

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