Gifted Universe

This is a currently unnamed universe that will most likely be completely written out and published one day in the future.  The story takes place in a normal, modern day world.  However there is one key difference, the existence of gifteds.  Gifteds are humans but were born with a power or 'gift' which can be a various different things.  A person who is not a gifted can give birth to one and a gifted can have a child that possesses no gift.  It is caused by a particular gene that simply can be active or inactive.  It appears to be random whether or not it will be.

Despite the fact that they look just like any other human and are born from humans society views them as something unhuman and dangerous.  Streets are full of posters and propaganda encouraging people to report anyone who seems to be a gifted for any reason.  Knowingly housing and protecting one is also considered a serious crime.  Captured gifteds are sent to laboratories to be studied and will not be allowed to leave for the rest of their life.

The level of freedoms and privileges is based off of the individual's behavior and the danger of their gift. However even the most well behaved and harmless prisoners are confined to one room underground and unable to leave unless needed for a test.  Some get to have room mates but the moment they misbehave their friend will be used against them by threatening to harm them if they don't do what they are told.

Main characters
Caleb Eagleview
Alexander Rose
Asher Kenway

James Adams
Lucas Lee

Side characters
(Still important though <3 )
Duncan Rose
Zander Frost
Colin Hemlock
Thomas Harbour

Characters within the story but not owned by me
Without permission directly from me do not make a character for this universe!
Cameron Maxwell
Nicholas Andwyn