Just a regular world with regular people with regular problems, apart from the fact that there are gifteds hiding everywhere. Gifteds are just like any other person with one key trait, they can have one ability no regular human can have. These abilities, or 'gifts' can vary widely but one thing is for certain, the world is scared of them. Simply existing is enough to be locked away for the rest of your life. The only options are to be captured and set away to a laboratory to be used for tests for unknown reasons or live in a world full of propaganda calling you a demon and calling for your death. Condemned for life, many gifteds must find a way to cope with their new life and the fact they will never see the light of day again. Some may give up and stay in line while others will fight back, but in the end, is there really any hope anymore?

Magic Science Fantasy

Kenway Slavery

Anything not considered to be human will always be exploited, even when they look and act like nothing but human. At the discovery of vampires and werewolves humans decided to enslave them, and turning a huge profit. The market is booming, with thousands slaves being bought and sold and trained everyday, some have even started a production of them in the form of breeding. Kenway slavery is a well established and well respected producer of werewolves, everything coming from them being of high quality and training deeply ingrained into them. Clayton is no exception, a young werewolf slave and has never stepped outside of the breeding facility he was born into. He knows nothing but his work, that is until his small world is shattered by a newcomer. A firey werewolf called Marzia who lived free and wants nothing to go back out in the world. Slowly but surely she befriends her nervous companion and with his help the two of them work towards the freedom they rightful deserve.

Trigger warning Mature


Sonazia is a mostly barren hot wasteland of a planet, but somehow life still prevails. The world is inhabited by large robotic creatures who fight for survival daily. This harsh and unforgiving landscape takes no prisoners and its much easier in a team. Vorox are a bipedal canine like robotic creature that are often seen a vicious and primal, in reality they are very intelligent and slowly learning more and more. One day they will be a legit threat to the current dominate species, the glenns. But for now, they work together in packs and hide away from threats to survive and a new pack is forming. The Shyon pack has only just begun, there are many challenges in their way and many dangers. Not everyone will make it but that is just the way of life. Can they learn to stand on their own or will they be forced to break apart and beg to join existing packs? Time will only tell.

Orginal species Mature

Salem's Curse

Based on the game Town of Salem, this is a new take on the setting with its own lore and containing several games with unwilling players. Fifteen people find themselves waking up in an unfamiliar house in an unfamiliar world. They learn that they have been cursed to play the game of Town of Salem, to find their enemies and win. Once you win enough you are freed. At first no one is willing to kill, but as time goes on and people start to get desperate the killing and lying and betray begins. How far will someone go just for the chance to go back home?

Video game


The clan has been ruled by strict leaders for generations and their mentality has brought cats to being vain, elitist, perfectionists who shun anyone who is viewed as not good enough. Corruption runs deep in the leadership of BreezeClan but many cats cannot see it, except for Runningfox, a small and quiet cat who is often ignored by his clan mates. With the help of his best friend, Crosseyes, who was ostracized from the clan for his bad eyesight and crossed eyes, he works to tare down the inner workings of his own clan. They lie, manipulate, turn traitor and murder. Destroying life's and turning everything on its head, even calling for the removal of the warrior code. Some may question if they are the good guys after all.

Warrior Cats Mature


There are many forces in this world, some seem to be at random while others are calculated. Some are loved and praised while others are hated and ignored. But is this justified, are the very things you love and adore planning your death? This story touches on the flaws in religion and touches on the damaging views of cults.

Religous Athiest

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