Welcome to my beautiful disaster of characters!
I recently sent a large amount of characters to my second account TheTrashLord

Rules and Info

Here is the short version.

None of my characters are for sale unless in the for sale folder, do not offer on any character outside of it.

My characters are my children, do not kidnap them please.

I love comments and I am open to feedback.

I do roleplays often with most of my characters and open to finding new partners.

Don't sexualize my characters.

Don't ship my characters with your own or my own.

I am not my characters, don't judge me as if I did the things they did myself.

Here is the long version.

None of my characters not in my for trade or sale folder are for sale or trade and I really don't care what you offer for them.  If you do offer on them anyway your comment will be deleted and I will not respond to you.  If you go on I will just block you so you have nothing to gain and there is no point in even trying in the first place.  I am not being rude, you are.

My characters are extremely important to me, they are basically my life.  Sad right?  If you steal them or try to sell them or anything of the sort it would be extremely hurtful to me so please have some empathy and don't steal from me.

I love comments and I am open to constructive criticism. I also love roleplaying so feel free to ask. I am a very open person and won't shy away from a message. 

Do not draw my characters in a sexual manner unless I say it is okay, do not assume. You may draw any of my characters with SFW themes whenever you want, I always enjoy gift art and I will probably give you something back if you do.

Please do not ship my characters with any of your characters or even my own characters unless I have stated that it is a canon relationship.

Just because my characters do bad things doesn't mean I would do them.  Can't believe some people would actually think that way but *shrug* I did meet someone like that so just gonna leave a message here about it.

Tags for Sorting

By Species - Cat, Dog, Fox, Wolf, Werewolf, Vorox, Sand Vorox, Forest Vorox, Snow Vorox, Fire Glenn, Skrall, Viscet, Leovrin, Shayard, Pokémon, Species from Others (Dutch Angel Dragons, Protogens, Sergals ect), Skeleton, Human, Gifted. Use multiple tags to find hybrids.

By Gender - Male, Female, Genderless, Technically Genderless (Biologically genderless but chose a gender.  They will have a tag for their chosen gender as well)

By Age - Adult, Minor

By Fandom - Town of Salem, Warrior Cats, Undertale

By Art - Don't Draw (I am not looking for art atm of this character), Needs Art (Has very few drawings), Want Art (I am actively collecting art of this character), Needs Ref (Character either has no set design or has no visual of design)

By Trade Status - For TradeSale, Overmydeadbody(Never for trade). Characters with neither tag are NFS/T.

By Type - Comfort Character, Something (Don't worry about it), Species Information (Not a character), World Information (Not a character)

By Bio - Has Bio, Needs Bio

By Alignment - Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil, Undecided Alignment

By Use - Main, Secondary, Rp, Literature, Design Only (Not used for rp or books)

Set in a modern world with one key difference, the existence of gifteds.  They are humans born with a power or 'gift'.  Society is scared of them and the government is hell-bent on capturing and locking up every single one.  The story is focused on a few gifted coping with their new life after being caught and locked away in a gifted testing facility.  With seemingly no way to ever see the light of day again, each person must find their own way to prevent themselves from going mad.  But maybe it isn't as hopeless as it appears.

Human kind have enslaved any 'non human' being and has grown an extremely profitable market for it.  The story focuses on Clayton, a nervous young werewolf born into slavery, and Maritza, a fiery werewolf who was born human and grew up free.  When they cross paths new opportunities and concepts enter Clayton's sheltered world and they work towards their excape and freedom they rightfully deserve.

Far away from earth, in an entirely different solar system, there is a burning hot and brutal planet known as Sonazia.  Various species fight to survive in this dangerous and unforgiving desert planet.  The story focuses on the Shyon Pack, a pack of a somewhat primitive canine like species called vorox, as it grows from a small group to a large and formidable pack.  Its not easy, many challenges stand in their way and many will not see it to the end, but the pack holds strong.

A fan story based around the game 'Town of Salem'.  An unknown powerful being has decided to play a little game by cursing fifteen different people and transporting them to the town of Salem.  Each person is given a role, a set of abilities and a goal.  Whenever someone dies they will return for the new game.  Each new round gives everyone a new role.  The only way to escape from the curse is to get enough wins.  Its a game of treachery, lies and murder.  You cannot trust anyone, not even yourself.  How far would you go to go back home?

A story focused around creatures who stand as the embodiment of various forces within the world.  Some are well liked more than others, but is the reasoning for it justified?  What if the person you look up to and praised is the very person planning your demise?  This story has a lot of religious themes and is not presented in a positive light.  Touching on the extreme themes and inconstancies within the bible as well as the strict and damaging views of cults.

The clan is fallen victim to a harsh and restrictive rule that ignores and mistreats members who are not perfect in the eyes of the clan.  With Stripestar only picking kin for leadership placements, in seems that there is no hope in change in leadership.  Runningfox, a small tom cat ostracized from his clan, and Spottedstorm, a large cat looked down upon for bad vision, have had enough with their mistreatment.  They go through extreme measures to destroy their clan from within.  They turn traitor, blackmail and murder.  One may question if they are the good guys in this story after all.