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raffle maybe?? help me choose a design theme

Posted 3 months, 10 hours ago by SAUCECAT

what kind of adoptable design should i make

12 Votes humanoids / kemonomimi
0 Votes feral / animals / creatures
7 Votes anthro / monsters


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Posted 6 months, 2 hours ago by SAUCECAT

this'll get updated as necessary


◈ credit for the original character design is appreciated

◈ please don't change the design too much from the original without asking. i don't mind minor hue shifts, the addition or removal of accessories or small details, just make sure it strongly resembles the old design. if you want to make major changes to it, such as dramatic colour palette changes, run it by me first please

◈ designs cannot be resold for higher value than they were priced at, unless additional worth has been added in the form of art / items. i personally do not care if you add value with art you made yourself, or Just with art you commissioned. all art has value. just don't be an ass by inflating the price artificially

◈ please don't duplicate the design's profile for co-owns! it's okay if you want to co-own but to avoid confusion, don't duplicate the profile

◈ when you buy a design you own the specific design of that character. you do not own the linework and cannot use the lines for resale / your own art. if i catch you tracing, you'll be blacklisted

◈ i may refuse the purchase of a design for any reason, including conflict of interest or if i know you have a history of art theft

◈ you don't have to tell me when a design is resold [as toyhouse keeps track of that]

◈ if you want to refer to a masterlist for my designs, the closest thing would be my deviantart gallery. designs do have numbers

◈ you can use the design[s] you purchase for whatever you want. you get full character rights when you purchase it, just don't be weird and use the character to promote hate / racist / discriminatory content


◈ at this time i only accept payments for designs through Paypal or Square invoice. let me know which works best for you

◈ USD only

◈ payment must be made within 24 hours, unless otherwise arranged [i'm pretty flexible, just ask in advance if you need an extention]

there are no refunds for designs

◈ i do offer payment plans on higher prices [$100+] , but DM me about it before purchasing


◈ please don't heavily modify the original design art. small adjustments for markings or hue edits are okay

◈ do not trace my artwork! you have bought the rights to the character, not the lines

◈ you can reference elements of my art but don't copy it 100%

◈ if you need to credit me elsewhere, you can check out my carrd for my other socials

◈ at this time i'm only posting designs here on Toyhouse [on this acct] and on Deviantart only. anyone else reselling / posting designs by me without TH ownership proof has stolen the design [please note: some designs ARE sold through deviantart, so you can always check there to see who bought the design originally]


thank fucking god nobody is on here yet. let's hope it stays that way.


Posted 6 months, 22 hours ago by SAUCECAT



This list will be updated periodically as needed. Assume it's incomplete, as I'll absolutely forgot to add things.
 If you've questions about the list, feel free to ask.


◈ kemonomimi

◈ designs with black and white palettes [red or red-pink accents a plus]

◈ greyscale pale designs [washed out grey / white / black; red or red-pink accents a plus]

◈ human / humanoids

◈ halos / multiple eyes / gremlin energy

◈ pointy tall animal ears

◈ techwear, cyberpunk

◈ the following designers: 

[not limited to these, these people just happen to create designs with the vibes i'm lookin for!]

◈ characters in this favorites folder. note: DO NOT HARASS THE OWNERS OR TRY TO MAKE THEM TRADE. NFS MEANS NFS, AND THAT SHOULD BE RESPECTED. This favorties folder is NOT a wishlist, it is merely a compilation of designs that i think are Cool. i'm not deliberately trying to get any of them or treat them like dreamies. treat this folder like a guideline on what kind of designs I am looking for!


◈ objecthead, creatures of indeterminate species

◈ anthros, monsters and ferals

◈ cottagecore, soft grunge / pastel goth

◈ designs drawn on premade templates or bases

◈ designers: scpkid, wellhidden

◈ closed species: dainty, cccat, impim [if have angelic themes]


◈ kidcore / scene

◈ frilly fashion / dresses / maid outfits

◈ pastel / "cute" designs

◈ absolutely no ear feathers or "w*ndigo" designs i do NOT want them

◈ no culturally insensitive / fetishy designs

◈ characters with skull heads

◈ gorey designs

◈ MYO / vouchers

◈ fandom species or hybridizations of fandom species such as pokemon, digimon, mlp etc

◈ picrew / pet website generated designs

◈ closed species: crook, scarfox, constellion, grem/2, chimeron, protogen/primagen

◈ fantrolls / undertale ocs 


NOTE: DO NOT, I REPEAT: DO NOT GO TO THE OWNERS AND BUG THEM. I know how bloody annoying it is to have people knocking on your door asking if you're selling certain OCs out of the blue. I respect if the owners do not ever want to sell.

◈ toxiccat 516

knite sharkdog

rivermakes keepsake