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Reselling Junijwi designs

Posted 2 months, 18 days ago by SIeepyBear

Unfortunately I’ve had a month of no income because of my injury, so I need some funds since I’d rather not take commissions. ;v; just comment to claim, thank you! might be willing to haggle on some

Making a separate bulletin for these designs:




Reselling Designs (open!)

Posted 2 months, 21 days ago by SIeepyBear

Need some funds, so it’s time to do some spring cleaning ;v; I adore their designs but it’s time to let go
Just comment on this post to claim, ty!

VCR-wolfe designs: -  $100

PaexiDust anthroo/girafaroo: - $400

Hawberries Designs: -  $70 -$100

Junijwi design - $150


May add more later!