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If you try to steal any of my ocs or fursonas, I will hunt you down, skin your parents in front of you, and use their bones to beat you to death  

Now that that's been said, a few rules

1. Don't "kin" *cringe* with any of my characters. Ever. Fucking 12 year olds.

2. Don't use my characters as "inspiration" for your own. If it's art inspiration, sure, but character creation is a big fucking no.

3. Don't trace, copy, or steal any of the work you see on my page.

4. If you draw my characters, that's fine. If you want to draw NSFW, please ask me first.

5. I swear to fucking god if you come on my page saying any "God is good" or "I'll pray for you" bullshit I will absolutely lose my shit. Keep your fucking religion to yourself. I don't want your prayers, I don't want your "help", and I sure as fuck don't want your God.
Good day to you. Begone.

That's about it. I'll probably update this if any more problems arise.

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