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✦ Only Kurtaztrophe is authorized to have connections to my OCs with his characters. Other connections are null and void if you see them on other profiles and should never be referenced.
Please respect my characters and ideas as my personal property. They are very important to me and never for trade or purchase. If you purchased any of my characters through a secondary source, it is a counterfeit listing. I don't mind if you take a minor inspiration from some of my ocs' details, but please do not copy or over-heavily reference them. Some of my ocs are hidden pending redesign.

Do Not

  • Repost/upload my art/art of my ocs to Amino or without credit
  • Edit my art or use it for bases/faceclaims
  • Offer on my ocs or add them to inspo or dreamie folders, they will never be for sale.
  • Be a dick

Content Warnings

  • Occasional NSFW text
  • Dark content
  • Rude Language

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