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Hey- just saying that all my characters are now set to auth only for personal reasons
I'm also on an indefinite social hiatus on this account so uhm- messages may not be responded to for long while

Sorry for any inconvenienceĀ 

Spoiler is just my old warning for when I come back fully

Hi!! I wont take too much of your time haha
Just be warned that despite my 'cutesy' art style, you'll find the following content on my page!

- Gore [Slight/Pastel/Heavy/Extreme]
- Body Horror
- Violence
- Sensitive Themes/Content

- Vulgar Language

I also have 1 or 2 characters that have explicit/nsfw artwork and/or themes, but I've put in the effort to make sure they're filtered/hidden properly!

Everything should be tagged and filtered correctly, but I thought I'd put this here anyway!
Please beware of this while viewing my profile!

I hope you have a nice day uvu

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