Sanmedare's Bulletins

I made this gal here on Jan 2015! fdlgsfhs it's been such a long run!
She was my first OC and the first character I ever designed.
I made her even before I knew the adoptable community existed!

She doesn't carry any bad memories for me, it was definitely happy ones. I really enjoyed her <333
But it's been so long, the people that's been with her along with the memories are long gone and forgotten.
As much as I love her, she has been siting in my files collecting dust since 2016. Around the time I was new to the community!
When I see her again, all I feel is love but sadness aftermath for not using her as she deserves I'm sorry baby dfghdfghsd <///3
I may try creating adoptable with weapons like herself. I remember the AMAZING feeling when I made her scythe. I love it so much even till now ; o ;;;; <333
I guess if I don't manage to give her a new home... I'll try to make her a new home here with me! But for now, I'll look at trying to give her a better home ; v ;/

I don't have the first original image of her, but this is her 2nd reference by me that I made on 2016 when submitting for a contest for a game ldsfhgsldf
I'm not sure about the exact amount of art she has, but definitely at least 85 pieces!
I'll either be looking for 100$ or character(s) that I can use more !
Once again, there's no need to match her worth because she's definitely worth way more than 100$~
But I'd really like to get someone I can use more than collecting dusts ; v ;/

ps. if you're interested in her counterpart scythe (basically there's a dark version of her scythe) For a trade or 10$, I'll happily finish up the idea I had for that
AND YES I still clearly remember the idea but I kind of forgotten to draw it dlfsgsdf basically it'll be a Black-Silver-Red-Brown(for the gem) type. 

I also used to have names for these scythes dfhgsdf The golden one is called Winner and the above scythe is Reaper. CLICHE I KNOW 2015 me thought it was cool

Regardless, here's a few images from her gallery!
All images has been resized!


Thank you guys? ; ooo;

Posted 1 month, 3 days ago by Sanmedare

I have never been overflowed with so much favs before //sweats thank you tho <3 <3

♕ Trading/Selling OCs ♚

Posted 1 month, 4 days ago by Sanmedare

Hi guys!! I've cleaned up everything and finally uploaded all of them into TH!
I'm also in need of money so do consider buying them ; v ;;; i'm fine with haggling! let's negotiate flglsdfg

Folder is here

thank you so much for looking!!

i have artfight

Posted 9 months, 14 days ago by Sanmedare

pretty fun i won't lie

gonna try to attack at least once a day

I'm okay with friendly fire too \ v / my first attack was a friendly fire anyways lol;;;