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Thanks so much for the sub and all the faves! > u <)/ You've got wonderful characters <3

gsdfgkd you have such amazing characters!! I would have faved everyone but I don't wanna spam ;o; <333

Hahahah, that's okay, I don't mind it at all x'D I might spam you back, so don't worry ; u ; )b <3

thank you for the sub!! :3c

Thank you for the sub btw <3

No problem <33 Your characters are cool regardless <333

Thanks so much for the subscription 

Thank you very much for the sub hun! ^3^

hh Nepthys is so cute ;___;

fkdghsdf thank you so much she's my proudest girl ; o ; <3333

Thank you kindly for the sub!!

Thank you for the sub!! I love your art and characters sm,,

omg no worries!! <3 You have pretty nice art and some pretty characters too <3 <3

dfgfdsgsdl ahhh I'm usually always on TH but I had a habit of not posting any of my characters until their 100% developed
but i got pushed by a friend sldfgdflsgsd 

thanks tho <3 <3

GASSSP I definitely remember the Staccatos boy!!! I'm glad they're happy with him tho! ; o ; Even though I loved their design at that time, I couldn't find a spot for him gfdsgdsflgdsf

I look forward to what you have in store for us too! I've been secretly peeking at what you have developed with Kuro and Aka~ <3

omg he definitely seemed to be in a wonderful home now ; o ;;;;;; <3 <3 I'm sooo happy for him <3333

GASP REALLY? //well they were kinda basic in the first place LFDHGLDFSGSDSMACKED
I gotta see their redesigns when you guys are done with both of them!! ; o ; <3
oh man now I gotta religiously keep an eye out on my notifs and not nuke all of them without looking DFGHDLSFG

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Thank you so much for the subscription~

No worries <3 Thank you for the favs too!! ; o ;

!!! thank you for the subscription!

Thank you so much for the sub <3
I truly appreciate it!!!!!!!

"Hnn, thanks for stopping by and looking at perfection~."

"it seemed that stars have aligned just as i predicted, Thanks for stopping by. If you'd like i can peek into your future~"

Thank you for the fav! <3

Hello dear~! Sorry im so late but thankyou so much for subscribing<3

It really means a lot to me (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

//your characters are hella pretty btw omg;;;

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ty for the sub~

Tyvm for the sub! ; u; You have very beautiful characters!!

//chus Hope you're well~

eeee Goon ♡♡♡

I've been well ^^ yourself?

Okay I think~ Things are looking up now! How has school and life been?

Has it finally? That's great <333

Same as usual I suppose. I just got out from a hectic test week though! Currently having a week off. So things are fine for now c:

Yup! Still in the process of moving but things are finally in motion~

Ohhh, nice! Breaks are always refreshing. I hope your testing went well though <3

That's great to hear that things are going your way for a change now <3 c:

Augh orz There's a lot of surprises that's for sure.... both bad and good ;;

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OH MY GODD tysm for the subsss holy shit ur char is awesome must subs backk aaaaaa

Thanks for the sub!

Thank you for the sub! ; v ;

your icon is so cute! but I dont find it in your charecters? super disappointment :/

I wanted to know more about it?

Howyadoin sanmedare? Haven't seen you on in a while.

freebie for you : <333