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Welcome! While you can certainly click view all to browse my characters, this page is meant to serve as a helpful navigation panel. All of my characters have a place in their unique worlds and storylines so they're nestled in folders with those from the same time and place.

The World of Zenith Earth

All of the following stories take place in my world of Zenith Earth. You can find the main world hub here with some general info and all of the plotlines in chronological order within. They are listed here below in that same order for convenience, read left to right, top to bottom.

The Royal Pantheon The Shifting Elements Operation: Outlast The Hierarchy Limbo The Freakshow Project The Dreamweavers Ex Machina Legends of Stardust The Armageddon Wars

Stand Alone Characters

These are characters that either exist in the normal world we live in or those that haven't been placed anywhere yet. They are unrelated to my world in one way or another.

Stand-Alone Characters

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