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Thank you for the art of Aithlin!! You did so lovely. <3 Also NAME CHANGE gdi now I'm going to have to try and re-brand it into my brain. XD I'm so atatched to the name "scientist."

I'm glad you like it! ;u; I was going to toss some quick shading and more details to his outfit on there but I figured I probably better turn it in since it was already late. :') 

And thank you! x) Conveniently, if you search up "Scientist" the name still belongs to me so it'll redirect you here. Just a side account I currently don't know what to do with...might make it a WIP account or something... though everything is a WIP, r i p

LOL everything's a wip. XD I have a second account for storage/trade so maybe that? Glad to know it still belongs to you. At least your icon is the same for right now so I should be able to recognize you by that until I remember it lolol Of course I can't complain because I feel like half the site forgot me when I changed to my current user from CallMeKatzchen. XD

Lol I definitely remember that! It took me a minute to get used to your new username but I think it suits you well. :> 

And yeaaah, my icon will probably always be some picture of Zuri, so hopefully that will help minimize confusion? :') I can hope. 

Hi! I think i've seen you around the free art discord way back?

Might be wrong though, but thanks for the sub! I love the way you draw hair btw

Heya! :> I was definitely floating around the server way back when, but have since kinda dropped it due to a lack of drawing time. ;u; But thank you!! I absolutely love your art style so wanted to sub so I could remember to commission you in the future because I'm a forgetful ham lol. :') 

yeah same on the discord part. i liked lurking around there instead of actually talking welp

and oooh, thank you! ;w;

thank you very much for the gift!! it's very sweet of you to do that! i'll definitely take good care of him ;u; but i do feel kind of bad just getting him like that,,, haha ^^" if there's anything you'd like from me, just let me know! 

thank you very much anyways! 감사합니다! 

You're very welcome! <3 I was cleaning out folders and didn't want him collecting dust. Hope you enjoy him! 

Thank you so much~ I'll take good care of Lucious!

Thank you so much for the lovely gift!

You're very welcome! <3 Hope you enjoy her!

So cute! Thank you!

You're welcome! I'm glad you like them! <3

Aaha, yup. :> That's me~ I just saw your username on the forums and realized I never actually subbed to you on here lol! 

Thank you so much beb!

Of course~ <3

Hheeyyyy just a quick little thing- (well things lmao)

Luca is really friking adorable holy hec thank you sm aand also you’re art is pretty sweet keep up the great work!

(Sorry for this outta the blue I just had to say something pff)

Thanks so much! <3 I'm really glad that he ended up with someone who likes him because I'm such a sucker for bunnies but have a real problem fitting anthro characters into my world. 

he a handsome boi

thank you uvu

You're welcome! <3 I just couldn't come up with a good idea for him so I'm glad you enjoy him!