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HI i think i mightve accidentally requested a link to one of your characters while looking at their page ajfdkfsdmf sorry about that idk how this site works

Oh! I didn't received any link requests actually but it's okay dw these things happen ^^)b

ty 4 the fav !

it's okay! ;w;

sorry I haven't been able to reply properly yet. I'm swamped and struggling to juggle convos I'll get back to you soon bb. Hope you're well qwq

yeah ofc i hope things get easier!

Heya! Just wanted to let you know that I've used your codes for my characters! I really like them and appreciate your hard work for making them! :3 <3 

Aw thank you for the kind words and for using my code! I appreciate the support ^^ <3

Thank you for the favorite Seal!!! <3

fhasjdhfa anytime bb! ;w; <3

Your boi is 10/10 *chef kiss*

FGDSGDF Thank you!!! I decided to make a persona. ;w; I wuv him v much

can I love him too and give some love? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

also I miss u i hope you're well 🥺👉👈

LOL He does need more friends. I think Amelia is his best friend right now. uwu

(I usually comment on art pieces on the artist's main page so I don't clog up the comments on the pieces/characters themselves)

Your sketches are always a mixture of hot, cute, or both. Honestly if you offered them as commissions I'd have to snap up a few! Need those adopts by you and Chi drawn eventually XP

Aw thank you for the compliment! I do offer sketch comms but they're on and off because my to-do-list is full hnnn. I hope one day we can draw for you qwq

All of your character are so pretty and unique! I could probably spend hours looking at them to the honest. Your page looks really fancy and clean too! Glad to see more hypnosis mic fans around :) my fav is ichiro

That's very kind of you to say! I consider my page messy to be honest but thank you for the compliment ; v ; <3

and why hello there fellow hypster! High five! >v<)/

Not sure how your page is messy but I suppose all artists got their views on organization haha

Mines on the simple sorta side and I'm using a code someone made

Yeye \(°v°

I love your codes so much ;v; they're the only ones I seem to be using atm ^^ I'm currently using 4 of them! 

Aww thank you very much! I appreciate the kind words and support. I'm very happy you like my works ;w; <3

ME AND THE COMMENTER BELOW HAVE THE SAME BRAIN... I was looking @ ur codes and then saw the Samatoki avatar and im just   

oh my hehehe are you a fellow HypMic fan too? xD

Guess you can say that! I'm only a shallow fan bc i just got into it. DH is my fav division bc Sasara....

I only got into it around July and I'm still behind on content but my god I can't help but love so many characters T_T <3

huehue oh yes the clown Sasara, he's quite lovable :3c

I love your codes, but more importantly, YES SAMATOKI ;w; <333

Sorry for the intrusion lol

Aw thank you for the love and support! and oh yee love me a Yokohama bad boy >:3c

ahaha dw it's no bother at all xD

My pleasure of course! :D MTC is my favorite so I couldn't help but comment xD I love that you had a code featuring Jūshi too <3

xD I'm glad hahaha

oh hecc yeh high five MTC stan! Though I also stan BAT it's hard to choose when there are so many lovable characters xD

And thank you! Jyushi's one of my fave bois ;w; <3

Yesss high five! xD And oml that's a big moood qwq HypMic has so many awesome characters with interesting backstories ;w; Either Posse or Dotsuitare Honpo (idk how ppl abbreviate it in English lmfao) would be my 2nd I think sksk

Jyūshi is such an absolute bean I love him qwq He's just so adorable and I love the dynamic he has in BAT ;w; <333

Right?! I also love their voice actors. I heard they're all not just co-workers but good friends who actually spend time together. I think that's very sweet! ;o; <3

Ah I normally see them abbreviated as FP and DH xD

Yesss, he's so sweet and precious. I love their dynamic too! I read some of the manga and his story broke my heart. I cried while translating TwT

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why do people confuse brits and aussies

send help (also do you have a discord??)

Probably because we spell things the same way. Though the accent isn't even that similar imo ahaha

I do but I'm super slow at replying x'D

Can you pm me your discord?

I have a gift for you

Sure! I'll PM you in a moment :0

hello! i used your simple things character code and made the background into a gradient for my character squeaky toy! (i also used grape soda for another character, but i'm really proud of my edit with simple things :3c) thank you so much for all your codes! they're wonderful!

You're very welcome! Thank you so much for using my codes and for the kind words. I really appreciate it ^^ <3

I love your art style!! Please be my friend uwu ;w; message me for my info!!

aaa sorry late reply thanks for the compliment and offer. I'm very shy though so I don't make friends too easily qwq;

uh hi :)

could you tell me how you got the bar at the top of your profile to look like this?5e41e1ad_ea9d_4157_a6e8_8c45da3a5820_by_

Hi there! The top bar is part of a CSS theme made by ovob (which is no longer available unfortunately) but there are plenty of themes out there

However, you'll need Premium to use CSS themes o v o )/

Hello- I'm so sorry if this is considered as breaking the rules with pm you about how to change things- but it's just a question that I needed to be cleared up (also the forums look sort of dead and I don't really want a really late response)- Does the WYSIWYG have to be ALL the way completely turned off (like the profile text, literatures, bulletins, forum therads, etc.) or just the profile display? Again, so sorry for any inconvenience! 

It's okay! Just for Profile Text, you don't need to turn it off for everything else. I actually have it turned on for Comment and Messages because it's handy.

Turning it off for Profile Text is mostly recommended for those who aren't familiar with coding profiles since accidentally enabling WYSIWYG then updating the code can risk breaking it.

But if you're careful with your profiles, there's no need to turn it off :D

Ah- Thank you so much! :D 

No problem! Hope the small info helps c:

It does! It really help my question! Thank you! :D

Who's the character in your DA avatar? An artist persona?

Hmm not quite. She's my OC Vira, my persona is actually Joshua but Vira is equally just as special. She means the world to me Y v Y <3

Oh, she's pretty. All of your characters are uwu

Thank you! That really means a lot since they're all precious to me ;__; <3

Been studying the way you and Ichirozu draw eyes so I can draw in a similar way...I ended up altering it slightly to suit my drawing hand better, but hey, you can feel proud that I love your art enough to be inspired by it, perhaps!

Aww really? I'm very flattered that you were inspired by our art. I would like to see your art someday if you're willing to share :'3

Hah, I am...super new. Literally only drawing for like a week. But I spent more than a few pages grinding out eyes. The influence from you two is hopefully evident, haha


*whoosHES OVER* my replies are so slow fashdfjkh sorry! Hnnng that's pretty sweet! I hope you'll keep at it and continue to improve :'3

If you have any art questions feel free to send them my way qwq

Just dropping by to tell you how awesome your coding and art are <3

Aww thank you very much!! I really appreciate the kind words ;w; <3

Thanks for the fave! Oh god I need to give Zenith a full on profile like Kairos aaaaaaah

I still haven't named the banana split boi I bought from you too, but I've already decided he's an ice cream salesman who decided to make sundaes because he wanted a perfect one every time XP

S'ok! I usually fave my designs to keep track of them, sometimes I pop by to see how they're doing YvY

Ice cream salesman sounds so cute! Suits him quite well imo xD

forgot to say so earlier but i love your codes hhhhhh

your characters are also pretty neat too

keep up the good work m8

Thank you so much! That means a lot to me, I really appreciate it. I'll try my best to keep creating content for everyone to enjoy ;o; <3

what css do you use for your profile? i love it sm <3

Hello! The CSS on my main profile is called "Revel" and my character profiles is "Peek". Both were by ovob but unfortunately they no longer sell these themes ;o;

okay, thank you! <3

Thank you so much for your free html codes! I just registered on this website, and I got so lost seeing html! Thank you for your work, it's incrdible!

You're very welcome! Thank you for the kind words and welcome to Toyhouse ^-^ <3

Thanks for the free codes! They're great!

You're welcome! I'm glad my codes can be of use ^_^

Thank you for making amazing free codes!!

ahh you're very welcome! Thank you for the kind words! <3

No problem!

Kaminari is amazing, but Tamaki is forever the best.

Tamaki is bae too! He's so precious. I love him just as much as Denki Y___Y <3

They're all precious uwu

i see kaminari in your icon, and i will c l i c c . (( he's such a wholesome perv ;; ))

oh my thank you for dropping by and huhu he sure is, he may be pervy but he's still one of my faves ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hi I was hoping you could help me with something? I was wondering if I would be able to use one of your coding template Grape Soda but I wasn't able to find the code unless it's not useable right now or I'm missing something ?

Hey there! The code is within the tab called "Code" located on the left side of the page. ^_^

Edit: Pages have been updated so you'll be able to find a button for the codes too.

Here's a link just in case:

OMGGGGG all of your characters are so amazingly designed and written! I can't wait until your commissions are open again, your art is stunning.

Thank you so much for the compliments!! I look forward to your commission if you do decide to comm me in the future ; w ; )/

You and me both! When you open them again, would you let me know?

Sure! I can ping you, although the wait may be a fair while qwq)/

So awesome!  And when will the chance be over? 24hrs? o.o

Yup 24hrs after the first bid uvu

Ohhh Might be lucky :3

And hope you are doing well

I'm doing great! Try to get as much work done today. Hope you're well too~ TwT <3

Lot's of good work. busy bee. hope you can manage. im ok.thank you

Just wanted to stop by and tell you that I love all of your Art / Code´s!
I found you while I looked for html´s and found yours. They are amazing and I probably usie one for my sona when I´m done with her.

Please keep up the good work!

aaaa I'd be thrilled if you find my codes useful!

and thank you very much for the kind words! I really appreciate it. I will keep trying my best ; w ; )9 <3

psst denki is an adorable idiot i love him

me too. He's 11/10 on the cute lovable idiot scale. I'll protect him 5ever xD

6 of my friends who have never interacted with each other before all compared me to denki when i mentioned i'd started watching bnha. i took a detailed personality quiz thing & it said i'm denki too. it's official that i am a lovable idiot qwq yEE

Awww that's cute!! Denki is honestly so charming and funny it gives me life! He and I share the same star sign too yeehaw! xD

He's a bundle of sunshine who deserves so much love I s2g Y__Y ♡

ehehehe >w< which character are you most like? owo

Oof! That's a tough one since it varies but I'd say I'm a mix between Ochako and Denki x'D

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You are amazing Seal ; v ; your codes, art, and OCs! Is there anything you cant do???

aaaaa plenty I can't do fhsdjfkadhs x'D

and thank you so much for the compliment! It means so much to me TAT   

I love your work. And your style is so amazing! I hope I can get that good one day. Keep up the awesome work!

aaaah thank you so much (and for all the faves)!! It means a lot to me TwT

and I'm sure you can do it! Keep practising and using references to guide you ^v^)9

Of course! I apologize for the fave spam. I had a few favorited before but for some reason they weren't tagged as favorite when I went through your characters (despite showing up in my favorited character tab) so I just did them again.

Your style is so soft and clean and I love the visual designs! I'm trying to draw more this year as a new year resolution. So hopefully I'll be able to improve more this year.

Have a great new year and keep up the awesome work! ^.^

It's alright! I don't mind at all c: and oh that must be a TH bug, That's happened to me too xvx

Thank you for the kind words! I hope you achieve your goal very soon and happy new year to you too! ^^

Sorry it's happening. I'd guess what's going on but I don't know jack about programming   

Thank you so much for the faves! ^^

You have very lovely characters here~ <3

Aaaah no problem! Your characters are great. I especially love your warcraft OCs. Thanks for the fave and sub ;w;

Thank you so much~ I’m happy you like them! And you’re welcome~

Ahh thank you for the favs!!

Eeee it's alright! You're very welcome. Your babs are really cute! qwq

Thank you!! You have gorgeous characters so I feel honored you like mine :3

Your characters are so super cute my dude!! TwT and I just adore your artwork!!

fhaskdfh thank you so much! I'm so flattered you enjoy my art and scribbles qwq

You're welcome!! And yes I do so much! And your character designs are gorgeous *^*

You're too kind to meeeee! Flattery will get you everywhere 👀👀 Thank you again for the kind words TwT

Aaw yis lmao jk. Nah you deserve it!!

Damn, your characters are so charming and cute! aAAAA, i should seriously draw one of them haha

Thank you! Ahaha don't worry too much about drawing them. It's really up to you :>

*screams too* thank you so much bab I love your characters too ToT ♥♥♥

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Thank you so much! I'm glad you like my babs ;w;

This user's account has been closed.

aaaa I'm really glad you like them and of course! Feel free to draw anyone you like.

Thank you so much for taking interest in them TwT

Aaaa no need to thank me, hun! >w<)/



Thank you for the fav!!!

aaaa it's okay! I love your babs. Xander looks so cool :D

aaa I LOVE YOURS Eden kills me every time I see art of him and just e sf bfd all of them... ;;; I'm super flattered you love my babes aaaaa.

omg thank you so much! Eden is my precious sincinnamon roll so I'm really glad you like him TwT

hfhdskjfah I'd love to see more of your lovely babs in the future ;w;

AAA yes yes! Hopefully you will!! If you ever want to have our characters interact I'd be willing to talk about it!!

Thanks for the favorite on Sergio ! C:

ah you're very welcome! You have so many amazing kiddos that deserve lots of love ^ v ^ )/

So, due to some art you've just uploaded, I wanted to inquire about possibly shipping some of our gays- I mean ocs... //coughs

Anyways if you don't like to that's fine of course! I just wanted to ask since...well many reasons but that's not the point!

*chokes* oUR gayS ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)

lmaoooo I'm a little picky with a few of my ocs but I'm cool with finding them friends and seeing if that can develop to be something more :'D

dON't chOKe oN tHe gaYS-

I don't wanna push anything ur not cool with so if you wanna have a look at my single kids n see if there's anyone you might like? //eyes (their ages n stuff can always be messed with btw so dun worry about that-)

*eyes Avian, Aidin and Zeika* o-oh my ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

I'm also looking for male friends/partners for my female ocs and vice versa. I have a lot of kiddos I haven't posted yet too because I can't think of names for some of them uGH xD

Aidin is definitely up for ships, the other two I might be a bit picky with since they're older- but I love your kids so throw me ones you think would be good with them and we shall see

I'm also open to friends with pretty much anyone too! I just usually prefer ships since I can do more with them

ahh I see uvu Hmm I'm not sure if I have anyone I want to ship immediately yet. I also have a lot of unposted kids so I want to work on them a bit before shipping away ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Hshshkagd you're very welcome! Your babs are so cute :3

Oh my gosh I'm so flattered hhhh thank you so much T//w//T

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hello bby. Thank you for dropping by ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ♡♡♡

I will always dropby ( ͡°з ͡°) ( ͡°(  )( ͡°Ɛ ͡°)

Thank you for all the favs!

You're welcome! ♡ You have such cool characters. Do you mind if I draw some of them in the future? _(:'3」∠)_


Could I add you on discord? ; v;

SHH yes you do! I want to hug them all. And thank you for subbing qvq

Of course!! My discord is Sealkitty#2585 c:

Thanks for the favorites on Khaba & Keiko ! (:

aaa you're welcome! Sorry for the fave spam. I just saw you had even more beautiful babs and couldn't help myself qvq

It's okay ! Lmao <3 I'm glad you like my kiddos !

W-wow thank you for all the favorites > /// < ! I like how cool your characters look homg-...?! They seem really interesting too!

aaa no problem, dear. I'm so glad to hear that. Thank you so much and for subbing. If I get the chance, I'd love to draw fanart for some of your babs if that's okay ; w ; )/

OH;; I'd be so honored ; - ; );;; as;fldfksdj please show me if you do! and asdfsdfk no worries! Your characters look really interesting I can't wait to see more about them > 7 < !

*Melts* So many pretty characters *touches*

thank you so much. You have pretty characters too *touches back* xD

Aww, thank you for so many faves~

ahh it's alright! You have so many beautiful babs I don't know where to begin.

Would it be okay if I draw some fanart of Asheran someday? His design is so cool ;w;

Afhsadgjgjk, you make me blush, aaaw

Of course, I'd be more than happy to see him drawn by you~

Thank you kindly for all the love on my characters. ♡ ; v ;

You're very welcome. You have so many lovely characters! I need more time to look at them all aaaa qvq;;

and thank you so much for subbing~

Ahh, I'm so glad you think so q v q ♡ Updating most of them though, most of their profiles are ooold ~

Thank you so much just the same dear and it's no problem ~ ^^ ♡ All your characters are beautiful // ♡

aww take your time with them c:

hfdkjashfkjshda flattery will get you everywhere haha :3c

btw do you have any babies that need art/sketches? I'm currently looking to fill my to-do-list so I can get my art mood back ;w;

I am ~ ♡ <'= Hahaha ~ ♡ Oooh ~ Oh gosh, just pick the ones who inspire you ♡ Basically all my characters need art // sob.

I've been abandoning my for months, that's why I'm here to fix it all up now =') ♡

I would love to doodle you something to, though unfortunately I'm very busy with a filled to-do list already, but after I finish I probably will q w q ♡

Surprise art it is! Onto my to-do-list it goes xD

aww well welcome back to TH uvu

Oh gosh you don't need to do anything for me. I'm really flattered though so thank you~ qvq

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Thank you so much for all the favs! You have a lot of lovely characters :)

oh gosh no need to thank me. You have such lovely character! *o*

and thank you so much for the sub ;w;

Thank you! And you're welcome :)

Thank you for the sub as well <3

aaa no need to thank me. But thank you so much for all the faves. You have so many beautiful babs too! ;w;

aww flattery will get you everywhere haha xD

I'm really glad to hear that though and you're welcome. I can't wait to see more of your babs. I want to hug them all qvq

aaaa thank you so much! I'm glad to hear that and thanks for all the faves qwq)/

aw that's okay. I don't mind at all. I appreciate the love~ c:

I see you over here, liking all my orobris bbies. I SEE YOU.

Your bbies are just all so beautiful *weeps*

why thank you Dx

Aww~ //hugs
Thanks so much for loving my baby Miyuki! <3

You got some lovely OC's in here, like Aiden, Akira, Tsubaki, Quinn and Rei.
Your male OC's be hawt and your female OC's be drop dead gorgeous! xD

You're welcome! She's adorable :3

And thank you so much. I'm glad to hear you like my babies /)w(\

Thank you~

I was actually checking your guys out and holy cow I'm surprised at how well you draw males! :o

Do you do customs? ^^

Haha thankies. Drawing pretty guys is my passion :3c

Yup. I didn't before but it's come up a few times so I just decided heck I really should just list customs in my commissions xD

Holy cow I'm super late on replying! I'm so sorry!

But I do love the way you draw your males so I definitely plan on commissioning you in the future!

aaa it's okay! xD

I'm so glad you like my art. I look forward to your commision _(:'3」∠)_

Thanks a bunch for the faves on Pieri and Robin! I really like the commission you did for them and Sarine and Cora -- they all look really cute in your style <3!

No problem! And thank you for the compliment~ I really liked their designs. They're all so adorable ;w;

I didn't realize you had a TH until now! xD

Thanks for all the faves <33 it means a lot! ^^

Hehe my friend had a spare code so I thought sure I'll make an account why not xD

No problem, dear! All your characters are so lovely ;w;

Thank you for the favorites on my babies!! I'm super flattered!

Aaaa you're welcome, dear. Your babies are all so lovely uwu

;v;/ So are yours, for sure!

Aww thank you so much! I'm so glad to hear you like them qvq

MMMmmmnnn do you smell that *sniff sniff* It smells like.. A crap ton of beautiful time and effort spent on this beautiful coding on this beautiful person's page *sniff sniff* Mmmnn simply delightful 👌👌👌👌👌

Oh my ohohoho why thank you. You flatter me bby |3c

Ohhh puh-lease babe you know I'm only stating the obvious here :3cc

Your page is beautiful too. So many bootiful ocs mmmmhhhhmmmm ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Oh dearie me you need to get your eyes check because all of them ain't as bootiful as you ( ͡°// ͜ʖ// ͡°)

*zooms in* I'm pretty sure they very bootiful but flattery gets you everywhere honhonhon (ง ´͈౪`͈)ว

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Thank you! ;w;

Ohoho you flatter me, dear :3c