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Updating Profiles~

Posted 1 year, 21 days ago by ShardsOfMi

Hi everyone!

I'm experimenting with profile coding so my character's profiles will be a mess for a while ^^; If you need their info for any reason, please PM!

RP Info/Comfort Meme

Posted 1 year, 6 months ago by ShardsOfMi

About Me

Mimi's the name, getting back into writing is my game (fanfic/original fic writer previously)

My strengths are world-building and character building. Weaknesses are probably dialogue and making distinct character voices?


Preference: Adventure, Magic, Fantasy (any time period), Slice-Of-Life, Magitech

Very Picky: Sci-Fi


I'm always open to shipping! I'm a multishipper and I have a soft spot for OT3+.

Smut's cool as long as everyone is 18+. I'm open to kinks and BDSM dynamics in general. Have some hard limits below. I love dominant ladies and submissive guys (not necessarily together)


No scat, gore, bestiality, prejudiced stuff (racism/queerphobia/etc). To be safe, please ask me first abt what kinks you'd like to do.

Please warn me if any smutty artwork has explicit depictions of genitalia (I can't handle genitals... like at all...)

bold text = yes

❤ = YES

italics = maybe

struck out text = Nope

Role Play Basics


I am comfortable doing:

- Comment
- Chats
- Notes
- Forum
- Discord ❤
- Google Docs
- Other
(I'm  a noob at RPing so I'd prefer if you could help set up the method of communication. I'm pretty cool with most stuff, except maybe Skype)


I am comfortable with:

- One on one role plays ❤
- Up to three people
- Up to four people

- Five or more people!
- As big as possible!

Post Length

I usually write about:

- One or two sentences.
- One or two paragraphs.
- Two to five paragraphs.

- More than five paragraphs.
- A few pages worth.

I am comfortable role-playing with people who write:

- One or two sentences
- One or two paragraphs
- Two to five paragraphs

- More than five paragraphs
- A few pages worth

Role-play Requests

I like getting requests:

- Anyone and everyone at any time! ❤
- When I ask for role-plays ❤
- From friends and acquaintances❤
- From friends only

(I can be quite shy at first, fair warning)

Romantic Relationships
** Important: Communication is the key to a real life relationship, it shouldn't be abandoned for a fictional one either! Be sure to talk to your partners when considering romance!


I am comfortable shipping my characters:

- Never.
- Our character know each other deeply
- Our character know each other deeply, and I know I can trust the role-player

- At the first sign of flirting!
- Only if the role-player and I plan it
- It depends on the character ❤
(I love romances and shipping! OK with any gender pairings and polyshipping ❤❤)

If you want to ship with my characters:

- Talk to me about it from the start ❤
- Talk to me about it once our characters know each other
- Talk to me about it once they both have some feelings for each other
- Talk to me about it when they finally decide that want to go beyond hugging ❤


When shipping my characters, I like the romance to happen:

- Swift as lightening! 
- Fast, but not super fast
- Happens in about three months
- Slow and steady wins the race
- Slugs know what's up!

- My relationships know no speed. They happen if they happen


When my characters gets intimate, I prefer:

- To skip the act entirely
- To write the build up, but skip the act
- To write the act only if it is very special, but otherwise skip it
- To write the act all the way through

(I enjoy smut, tho I might be a bit rusty. How this scene goes would depend on the OCs themselves but I'm always open to writing the act)

Romantic Artwork

When it comes to artwork depicting our relationship please:

- Do not post it at all without talking to me ❤
- Post it if it is cuddles and hugs
- Post it if it is kisses
- Post it if it is much more.

- Do not post it at all if it depicts sexual acts! (highly depends)
- Do not post it where I can see it, but draw what you like! (as in you're free to draw whatever w/o consulting me first)

** Important: Always be sure to communicate with your partner individually if you think you are about to go outside their comfort zones even just the slightest bit!!


When it comes to violent situations, I am comfortable with:

- No violence at all!
- I'm fine with verbal arguments!
- Some violence, like a paper cut, or an accidental elbow to the face
- Mild violence, such as punching, kicking, hair pulling
- Violence, such as stabbings
- Beyond violence, such as torture and more

(highly depends on RP! I'm OK with more general depictions, rather than stuff that goes into detail)

If you are going to do something violent, please:

- Don't do it at all.
- Talk to me about it first ❤
- Surprise me!

Dramatic Artwork

- Do not post any dramatic scenes that that happened between our characters.
- Talk to me about it before posting!
Post what you like!

The Masquerade universe is coming together (in my head at least)! Making Elodie and Ailis main characters for the story was a good choice. I like thinking of them as paralells of one another esp when it comes to their desires and circumstances:

Elodie (born magic/special, desires to be normal)

Ailis (normal/plain, desires to be special)

I really love these kind of character contrasts, plus their roles just fit so well with the overall plot

Ahhh, but I also realized while I'm good at creating self-contained universes, I am terrible at being friends with other ppl's OCs. i guess i get really nervous i'll sound silly and screw up (tho I do want to make friends!). Haha how do you RP anyway ;;;v;;;

Maybe I should try to find a partner for Ailis? Bc Elodie has some stuff going on with her love life, but I realized Ailis doesn't.


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Add links of stories to their folder descriptions?

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I've been getting back into writing! I haven't written a finished piece in forever (am I still a writer tbh???) but it's fun and I love exploring worlds I built

Rn I'm writing some stories for my Magical Girl AU. Just fleshing out the world and characters possibly the tragic backstories too lol. After this, I might write some drabbles for Tiny Sugar and/or Music Mansion

Yeah, i just wanted to ramble abt that. If you're interested in reading my first draft trash stuff, feel free to PM me or check my dA (I think I made a journal with links to my stories)


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Bc somebody actually AB'ed one of my designs! I'm so happy omfg I just wanna sit here and cry ;;v;;


Posted 1 year, 8 months ago by ShardsOfMi

Should I open more slots for this in the future?

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Decided to post this here as well! I'm lacking inspiration for comics and I though it would be fun to draw someone else's OCs

This might not be FCFS as I want to draw OCs I genuinely like. Comment/PM if you're interested
Original thread

1 SLOT ONLY | Uncolored: $12 | Colored: $20 

4-5 panels MAX



See more here



I will send over a script or rough storyboards.
These will contain stickppl witth expressions, poses and dialogue; nothing detailed


I'll send over the rough sketch of the panels
You can request as many changes as you'd like at this stage


Lining begins. Requests for any changes in the lineart will not be entertained.
If you chose uncolored, this is the last step. The file will be transparent so you can color it in!


Coloring begins. Changes to palettes and BG colors are allowed!


I send the finished product to you


✼ Personal use only!

✼ I accept Paypal and dA points! No refunds

✼ Rough drafts will be sent over for approval and edits. No changes are allowed once lining has begun

✼ Unless stated otherwise, I can post this to other sites and use as an example of comms, ATs, etc

✼ Simple BGs only! Can be transparent upon request


Method of payment: 
Pls include Paypal address if using PP, or dA username if sending points
No. of OC(s): 3 MAX
OC ref(s): I can draw from descriptions but it will cost extra
Personality: Only a few words; longer desc should be linked
General idea: General plot of the comic. Further details (poses, BG, etc) are to be discussed after I've accepted

Mimi's Most Wanted

Posted 1 year, 9 months ago by ShardsOfMi

Just a few things I'm looking for. I'll update this once in a while

*** = The more stars, the more I want

!! = MYO slots OK!

I am usually OK with MYO designs for any CS listed!


★ Top Priority ★

- Snowdrops/Sueweetie designs****

- Whitepaperrabbits designs****

- Rineri/Richiiro designs***

- Beromimis!!***
(boys preferred)

- Oto-chro!!**

♦ Would Love These ♦

- Demon/Japanese-themed minnoux designs**
(my Akira is in sore need of a gf)

- Luminettes by crwn**

- Sugarpoms, mainly males!!**
(picky with other Cakexchan designs)

- CHIYYO designs**

- KeyMellodysts by KeikoTan/SweetyKei**

- Kuraupluffs*
(picky on other bakamilk/ahomilk/cheshiru designs and MYOs)

- Seraphy-chan designs**

- hacuubii designs**
(Newer designs preferred)

- Other Puni/misheta designs

✦ Would Like These ✦

- Loveknots by Gellyfishjam*

- Slugoiis!! by getanimated*

- Heartpuffs!! by Pikiru*

- Shiina-Yuki designs

- jianrou/slushyyy designs

- Dreamies by umbral-wind

- Bottle Babes!!
(swaps with mine OK too!)

- Fuwamimi!! by haru-cchii
(mainly swaps for mine or MYO slots)

OC Purge!

Posted 1 year, 11 months ago by ShardsOfMi

I'm gonna be adding several more designs to my trade stash later today. A lot of these designs have just been collecting dust and I would love for them to go to new homes