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Pokemon Fusion Adopt [OPEN]

Posted 8 months, 5 days ago by Sho-ii

Pokemon Fusion Adopt

Hi! I'm comeback with a batch of pokemon fusion adopt. I can't remember all of the pokemon name, but I listed them with their image on TH. So I prefer you have TH to claim.


♦   ♦   ♦

Flatsale adopt for 1 to 6

1) OPEN: 20$ 

2) OPEN: 15$ 

3) OPEN: 15$ 

4) OPEN: 15$ 

5) OPEN: 15$ 

6) OPEN: 20$ 

♦   ♦   ♦

Auction adopt for 7

SB: 20$

MI: 1$

AB: 50$ (Will add on an icon)

♦   ♦   ♦


-Payment Paypal or DA points (1$=100 points)

-You may change 30-40% design after purchase

-Payment must be made within 24 hours

They have TH, I will transfer them to you after I recieve full payment.

If you don't have TH, I will transfer you through email or DA stash.

Chimereon MYO SWAP

Posted 8 months, 16 days ago by Sho-ii

Looking for premade swap for this myo.

Only looking for Premade Chimereon, i’m no interested in other species, only cham.
I’m looking for:

- Cherrysnakecat’s cham design.

- Chimereon gacha gen3.5 design.

- Chimereon in my wishlist: 

- Items and beetoles are add-ons

Offering below this bulletin please.

Here is their ML:

Gacha Adopt Coming Soon?

Posted 9 months, 6 days ago by Sho-ii

Big announcement from Sho-ii.
Hi, I will open a gacha adopt on my TH and DA in the future, I'm not sure when will it exactly open but I think it will around 1st August to 1st September. 
My plan is to make around 30 adopts for the first time. But hopefully it can go 40 adopts. 

I will post a bulletin for everyone to claim a roll or an AB when I open it.

You can see the design update and more information HERE.  49833229_cDBNIJq5OTW3ZBo.png?1653730300

============   ============

I hope you guys can suggest any theme that you like down in this bulletin. Feel free to drop any ideas you have, as much as you can :3 No limit for suggesstion.

If you want a ping when it's open, Please reply to the right comment in the bulletin to be in the list. 

And thank you so much for being here and being interested in my adopts ^^ 

I'm really appriciate it