UFT/UFO/Sale folder

All the character here are up for offer. Feel free for offer anything.
I'm not tent but picky.

But i'm mainly looking for: (From most to less)

- USD/ DA points

- HQ-MQ Closedspecies (premade or MYO slot):
= DA closed species:
+ Chimereon (Any of them will be auto accept)
+ Kittom (Any of them will be auto accept)
+ Impim
+ Pacapillar
+ Leech Monster
+ Sushidog
+ Jolleraptor

= Instagram closed species:
+ Constellion (Any of them will be auto accept) (Full own Cons only)
+ Howltar (Prefer mod/admin made, but will look at any GA made)
+ Comfortsaur
+ Zippups
+ Sollem

- HQ-MQ one-off/ humanoid/ anthro
= From instagram, Design by: (highly prefer but not compulsory)
+ Wolvfs, Kyelita, Jumy.te, Saljester (I can dream TwT)
+ MPupu1 or MPupu on DA
+ Fluffkit, piopuru aka piokun, Milky.paw
+ Sukix.e
+ Bunjieeee aka Bunjire.

- HQ arts (add-on only)
(I will accept arts only for some character, so feel free to offer)