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hi!! just passing by to say i really think it's cool that you have FAN OCs!! :>

Thank you so much ❤️ I do seem to keep growing that collection haha

Hello! May I ask if this character will ever be up for offers?
If they are ever ufos could you possibly ping me or let me know? <3 

Also you got lovely characters 💕✨

Oh gosh I'm sorry I completely forgot to reply on the comment you made earlier 😅 she's not currently up for offers but if I do put her up I'll certainly let you know xxx

And thank you so much ❤️

Alrighty! And that’s okay! And sure please do let me know if she’s ever up for offers <3

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You're welcome it's s great to see another female Orsel!! And thank you x

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Oh gosh you're more than welcome! If I could I'd give all your characters some love <3

Thanks for faving Jordan ♥

I see that you´re also into Far Cry 5 !! I love your Far Cry OC very much :3 

And thank you for faving Eden! <3

Very much into Far cry 5 as we can tell haha! and I have to admit Jordan is amazing! Love your Dep a lot! <3

YEES she was like the first Far Cry 5 OC which i really kept in mind when browsing through toyhouse : 3
And I loved her profile and the development she went through - also seeing that youre shipping her with Joseph shows me that you´re a fellow Joseph lover *g*

AA thank you very much  ♥♥♥ I still need to add more info to her profile and finish her ref sheet : /
im a lil bit stuck with that one. Do you have any Far Cry 5 projects atm ? Also do you have a tumblr ? : ) 

Woo! Thank you so much! She was the original Dep i created on my first play and was instantly like 'why can't i join the cult?' - and holy smokes i am a Joseph lover much to my friends disappointment since she's a Sharky and John fan XD

I honestly cannot wait to see what you do with her!! and you ever need someone to talk far cry/far cry oc with i'm your girl xD Current project wise i'm trying to build a pre story for her and finish out the FC5 story, then onto New Dawn but that's a struggle in it's own right! I do have a tumblr tis belongingofyou (I haven't used it in a while so please forgive the lack of everything!) I also have discord if you ever fancy chatting there <3

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Hiya! Just thought I'd show you what I've done with the beautiful BluC you traded to me C:

Oh my gosh!!! The backstory you have given her is so beautiful >< I'm so glad she found such great home with you!!!

Aaahhh, thank you! I'm so glad you like it! ♥