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Free TH Codes

Posted 20 hours, 36 minutes ago by SleepingThunder

I have tons from my Premium. If I find out you are block evading  by making another account, are banned and trying to get back into the community, are a minor attempting to avoid a ban; you will be forbidden from buying anything from me in the future and will be immediatley blacklisted. Please stop using people's kindness to get back into the community. This is why I haven't given them out as free before.

If you understand that and read the above statement, just link any of my adoptables from here as proof of reading (like a password) or I will ignore your comment.

I used to ask people to just draw or write whatever they felt like in return with no care of art style or if you were "good" or not. If you want, you can draw something (or write something) for me as a thank you but you absolutely do not have to. All drawable babies are here.

Winter Storm

Posted 20 days, 6 hours ago by SleepingThunder

I live in Texas and it's below zero where I am. This has never happened where I live EVER. We have a foot of snow and I've never seen more a splattering on the ground and only seen snow three times in my life and one was a trip to New York.

Albeit magical, things may get a little annoying or a tad scary if our power stays out. Everything is closed where I live; from stores to gas stations. The police had to come and take my sister home from work because everyone was stuck at the plant they work at (she's a security guard) and the power was out, leaving them no heat or help. She literally walked three hours to work last night to provide support and is out of work for the rest of the week.

So if I disappear, am late to answering your messages- my power is most likely out.


To anyone else also in my position. Stay safe!
Don't be stupid and drive when unecessary. Our cars aren't equipped for snow.

Freebies! (for subs only)

Posted 1 month, 20 days ago by SleepingThunder

Something for the people who are subbed to me. ^^

Edit: Added a few more.

Consider checking out the sales on that account since I spent an hour going in and marking everything down. A lot is 50% off and more.

I went through my trade account and am placing some designs here I can't use. Two per person please.
Any leftover will be given to my DA crowd.

Ignore folder rules, follow ones in this thread.

All freebies here.


Posted 8 months, 12 days ago by SleepingThunder

Dappvolk folks! Dearest friend, Luparoca hath granted me the knowledge of this adorable pet site. I would love it if you used my referral code and joined. Gives us both extra stuff. ^^

Beware: ShadowWurm

Posted 1 year, 7 months ago by SleepingThunder

Do NOT message this user on my behalf or relay them information to continue the salt train please. 

In all my time here on Toyhouse, I have never come across a more toxic person during my interactions with ShadowWurm. I'm making this a private matter on my profile to the people that subscribe to me because it definitley doesn't deserve a PSA. 

They contacted me attempting to buy a design from in short and I replied a day later after they sent a second curt message entitled "Uhm" where they were irritated I hadn't answered already. I explained that I was busy and then told them where to send the money. I didn't recieve a response. I later saw a thread where they were looking for certain designs. I offered a design for free along with the one they were going to purchase with me and they only said, "Didn't click with me" which kind of left me in the dark about whether or not they were going to buy the original design. I asked if they were going to buy the design or back out out then I recieved a message that said I was attempting to publicallly force them into buying the design and that they were waiting until they were getting paid to pay for it along with two other designs on my secondary account. It said that I was rude and what I did was completely uncalled for and I just ???????????????????????????

I replied back that it wasn't my intention but I should have been notified of any attempts to pay at a later date and them getting irritated about me wanting a reply when they were so impatient was hypocritical. I told them that their message sounded rude to me initially but I decided to handle business maturely. They replied back with the fact that they're old enough to be my mother and that I spew bullshit. 

I can't show any discussions because I've been blocked but any who know me know that I'm an honest and patient person. I just want the others who may deal in the trading and selling of adopts to know about them and just be cautious when dealing with them. I've blocked them as well and would like to know how to IP block because I don't need that kind of stuff in my life right now. If anyone could help me with that, it would be much appreciated!

Edit: For others interested in IP blocking, you can only find it after blocking them and then going back to edit the block. It will only show up then. It's explained here