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Hey there 😊 I deleted your comment from my profile, just to keep things organized on my part, but I wanted to let you know that both characters have been paid for and should be transferred your way! I truly hope you enjoy them and I’m glad I could help you get them!

Hi! Thank you for the fave on my woodland fairy <3 (

I ran into your trade account, you have some beautiful designs there! I was wondering if you'd consider trading him for this lovely design: 

I would! I was gonna come offer on your character when I had the time to peek in and make a comment. I'll send the transfer!

Awesome! I'm looking for more creature designs, and this one is a beauty ^^ I've accepted and sent the transfer!

Hi could I have this oc? They have comments turned off and it said to ping you here

yep! <3

hi! you drew this art of my character quite a while ago, and I was wondering how much you would worth it as? I'm not sure I remember why you drew it, but I didn't keep track of value back then! have a great day!

Ahh I'd worth it at the time at $8. <3 Np!

thank you!

Thank you for visiting my profile! Consider participating in this forum game so I can remove it from my bookmarks! Would love to see one of your character's go on a blind date with mine. <3

Thank you so so much for the fave your babies are beautiful 🥺❤❤

Ahh you're welcome! Your character was a beautiful design. <3


I fell in love with this dude:
and it said to contact you-

Does anyone in this folder catch your eye?

I didn't see anything that caught my eye!

alrighty! Thank you <3

Does anyone interest you in this folder for this bab?


I would trade for Alex! <3

Alrighty! I will be transferring him right now^^ 


helllo!!! I would love to offer a humanoid chibi drawing for this lovely gal? She looks like she could fit in with a future visual novel of mine!!

If you don’t accept this offer, that’s perfectly fine!! ^v^

Examples of art::

I'd love to accept! I'll PM you.

Alright! :^0

just here to say that your "designs like moth to a flame" is basically me XD

Hoarder twins.   

very much so XD i have like 300 characters i think (though trying to purge the mlp ones XD hehe)

It's straight up just Castiel


heya!! i notices these characters about and I was wondering if you would like any characters in my folders for them? I can also offer art, but mine isn't very high quality. (My TH doesn't really have many recent examples that arent cs stuff)

I would trade her for art! As long as it's done within a month, I'd love to hear what you'd offer! I let artists say what they offer because you know what you're comfortable with and what it's worth. <3

As for the others, the nsfw $40 one is a high priority to sale because I need my money back for that one so I prefer not to trade. I'd trade any of the other two for Belsnickel but understandable if that's a no as you seem atatched!.

I love the other two but I think I’m going to have to pass, though I’d be very interested if you could hold gothika for points?

I’m going to get some recent art examples real quick

I'm okay with holding if the hold isn't longer than a week, possibly two and you don't decide not to get it at the end. I've had holds for longer and they've been awful to deal with lol.

Heya! I forgot to reply to this but one of my friends who I was talking to about her pointed out she is on a bass, and I lost interest after that ;; but thank you for considering!!

Okie doke!

Im still sorta new to the whole toyhouse hing LOL but im contacting about nn :3 shes such a cutie;

im willing to do however much art you want for her ;3; 

I'm keeping offers open on her for right now so I'll PM you if it's a yes within the next couple of days! <3

Heya, was wondering if you accept amino for an outfit I love? Was looking for something to suit my gal but couldn’t find anything Till I saw your art. 

if you dont accept amino, do you know of anything to help design one of my own? 

thank you and your work is amazing! You deserve the subscriprion😊👍💎

Thank you for the compliment, you're so sweet! <3

I don't accept Amino but when it comes to designing outfits, and back in the day when I didn't draw them myself, I used dolls as an inspiration. 

Azaleas - DollDivine

It helped me get a feel of certain genres and find what I was looking for. That and Pinterest helped a lot. Not sure what else to say however as I usually just think of outfits as I go! <3

Alrighty, cool! Thank you, yea I can be creative. but been stumped on fantasy Gypsy-like outfits for my girl. 😊 I’ll see if I can be inspired. Can i use you as inspiration? And I’ll Check what you sent out on the reply😁

If by inspiration you mean just a general inspiration from my art, aboslutely. All artists are inspired by other artists! But if you mean copy or take from outfits I created, I'm sure you can see how that's wrong! 

Oh no, I don’t steal work. I gladly make my own. I just use as inspiration for a theme to research further on and design my own clothing based off research. Also the sites you sent really help with ideas and colors! Also, I never knew some colors fit well with certain colors, so using work as inspiration gets my mind rolling on ideas based of research and sometimes cultural feels😊

I’d never steal as it’s the artists creation and it’s wrong😁👍 I’d be mad if someone stole my work. So I understand your reply. So is it ok if I use as inspiration? (My way of inspiration isn’t theft, but of looking at a beautiful piece of work and having a seed that sprouts an idea in my mind based on knowledge I never thought of such as culture, mythology and certain nature aspects)😊

Of course, then feel free to be inspired all you want lol! I just have to make all my replies clear in case someone has odd intentions. I greatly appreciate your heartfelt comment. These always make my day! <3

Thank you for drawing Lena!! She looks so beautiful and confident!! I LOVE IT!! T_T. THANK YOU!! You got all her details too!! Ahh!! WOnderful!!!

Aww thank you and you're welcome! <3

Thank you for all the faves. :D

Lol you're welcome! Your characters are all so lovely. <3

Hi! Was wondering if I could purchase ?


If paypal:
If points:

Were you still interested?

aaa i am so sorry! something came up and I may have to wait or let the next have em!!! My deepest apologies! ;;

Alright, hit me back if you change your mind!

(This is IsmeneGrunny on dA) so... I read that as "deaf inside" for a second and was Very confused

Lololol XD

I think your character Maeby is the prettiest character I’ve seen on here! Idk what it is but aaAA💖💞 shes lovely uwu

Oh! Thank you so much. <3 It really makes me happy that another person can find her lovely. ^^

Thanks for the fave on my trade boy! <3

Welcome. ^^

Hi! I’m interested in and was wondering if anyone from my account caught your interest for them?

There was a couple that caught my eye but not enough to trade. Ty for your offer! ^^

Hi! I’m interested In your character I was wonder if I could do 50pts and a chibi?

Sure! You can send the points here

And for the chibi, for ferals, all I have is dragons?

Sent the points! And I love drawing dragons! So I’ll do any!^^^^

I have all my lil' dragon buddies here. ^^ Just choose whichever! I'll put Guish on hold for you!

Coolio! I’ll get started!

Hi, I’m so sorry for taking so long, I’ve finished the art piece, should I note it to you on da?

You can send it here or on DA!

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Oh! Good to know. <3 Can't wait to hear from you.

My inbox seems to be completely screwed right now, but I'm still definitely interested in those two characters we talked about in the messages system. Feel free to contact me at my email [email protected] since the system just doesn't want me to send stuff, lol. 

The messages came in all at once so I think TH was bugging. It does that sometimes. XD I emailed you so nothing interupts us anymore! <3

Happy Birthday!~ Hopefully it's a good one~

Oh hey tysm! Apparently my sis has been up to no good. XD 


No problem!~ And indeed she has been!~

happy birthday :)



Hello! Would this boy happen to be available still? I can do two full bodies and or any character from my adoptables you might find interest in! Here's my deviantart if you want examples of my work

Very tempted by your offer! Would it be possible to have it finished within one month?

Oh yeah totally!! I'm usually pretty avid to finish art pieces unless school denounces otherwise!

Sweet then! You seem to draw humanoids and ferals. I have a few dragons and I also have plenty of humanoids. Are you against either?

I’m comfortable with both! And willing to try anything I’m normally out of my comfort with too

Alright! ^^ I'll gather 2 ocs and PM you when I got 'em. <3

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Just in case the ping didnt work again, I replied in the trading thread haha

Just wondering if I could get these two from you? I'm kinda backlogged for art and lacking on character trades, but I can pay USD.

Oh yeah just send $11 to [email protected] and I'll pop them right over! Reply to this comment when you've done so! <3

Sent it! Thanks a ton ^ ^

Sent them over! Thx for doing business with me. <3

Is this boy still available?

Hello, I was wondering what you'd be looking for for this kid:

I really have fallen in love with them. I can do USD, art, and trades

Hey! Though I have him for trade only because he was tent, I can however let you pay what I paid for him which was $15 since I'm in real need of cash right now if  you don't have the money right now, I can hold him until you get a check.

Ah okay. I don't have the money to afford that right now unfortunately. Maybe Ill be back in the future though bc I really do love his design!

I could mark it down to $10 for you but that's as low as I could go. If you still can't get him, then hopefully I'll see you around in the future!

Yeah, I just did $45 on a CS I really like so I'm gonna hold off, but your offer is very kind and I'll definitely be back for him! 

Alright! XD I also paid a bit for a thing lolol and am broke so I feel you. <3

Omg the persona you made me is amazing and fits right into my ocs! Thank you so much!!

Sweet! Glad you like him. <3

Entering raffle Kiyasamatheinu on discord

B o n j o u r


M o n  A m i

I'm here to enter for the character raffle! My discord name is DragonWarrior333

Hello, I'd love to enter the raffle for your lovely character, my username is arbitraryabsurdity here and on discord, I joined the chat ^^

Thank you for the chance!

Hello I am commenting for the raffle my Discord is *NiniAlex* =)

Commenting to confirm Discord name for raffle, it's the same as here. 💖

Here is for the raffle =)) my name on Discord is Faekat93


Hello! ^^ Just wanted to say that your art is great and I love the picture of Tieros that you made. He was the white dragon with the purple robe that VincentVanGoat got for me! <3 

Oh heeeey! Thank you!

sorry your fan oc is taking so long, my tablet is acting up again and i keep having to fight with it. ;; i ordered a new one, but i won't make you wait that long. this is more of a heads up that it might be another day or so if not today.

It hasn't been that long at all actually. You have a whole month so I think you're good lol but thank you so much for the update and comment!

Hey ^^ Thank you so much for the drawing of Liev! It's really great, I love it so much! <3

I spent some time on it so I'm happy you liked it! <3

Omg thanks so much for my robot :D

Yw! <3


Figure a comment here would work better than a rather fast moving thread, I use Source Filmmaker for my 3D stuff, but I don't really make the models, I rather reskin existing models, sometimes mixing parts from various models that work together. It's definitely possible to make and port 3D models into it, cause the source of 99% of the available models are ported in. The cool thing about the community around it is reskins are cool to make. Though lately I've been more focused on the 2D arts since it's a heck of a lot easier to get ideas down outside of SFM. 

That's so cool. I always love getting into new creative things. I recieved oen of your characters, which I believe you noticed and decided to keep her. ^^

Oh I did see that! I'm really glad you like her~ I originally sent her out from my own goof up on one of them random gift games, but like, honestly I really like how you do characters, so I know she's in good hands, and I hope you can get plenty of good use from her!

Oh my goodness! She was an accident? You can totally have her back if you want!

It was more I goofed up sending an uncolored reference character, cancelled and pushed her forward, but oh no worries! I was not the most attached to her, and I wanna see what you can do with her. She's yours, but thank you for that kind offer!

Oh okay. Thanks so much then! I haven't deleted the bio info because I was lazy but do you want that removed?

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You told me to remind you, so gonna throw it here. Goggles boyo is for me! (Even though I saw you write my name on his file)

  Thanks for the lovely mermaid!  

Very welcome!


LOL XD I tried to announce who I was for the first week for every comment I made but I guess you were absent form that. Haha well you know now.

MaryMaggotFace @Steampunk-Rose TheBottomOfTheTrash ChosenUndeaad @Gh0stParade

Halbet: CS

Sorry for tagging if not wanted but just wanted to inform you that I'm moving the lore from the "World" section here to Discord. This place doesn't supply the best area to cover lore or anything and I want to be able to talk to my peeps and have the community talk with each other. I'm going to be fully opening this Closed Species soon and just wanted to give a head's up. 

If you have a Discord, you can join this server here:

Wah! You changed your name again! xD

LAST ONE I SWEAR. I went through a mid-20's crisis okay??

xD FAIR ENOUGH (this one is also good!)

Thank you! I had a hard time finding one that I felt stuck with me and my personality. But everything's cool now lol Just memorize this one and all'ssss good. ^^

Your link in the extreme low effort thread doesnt work ovo

Fixed! Changed my username lol Thx for the heads up. <3

Glad I could help!

eyyy your avatar is super pretty rn! 

Oh! Thank you so much. <3 Means a lot as I drew it. XD

yw, keep it up! <3

Sorry for the late response!  I didn't see you edit your post haha.

Either way I love how you drew Operia, thank you so much!

I'm slightly confused as to what you're talking baout but regardless, you're welcome!

Oh, sorry! You drew Operia on the extreme low effort threat haha. And no worries ^^;

Oh! Glad you liked it. <3

We seem to keep running into eachother in OC gifting forum games xD the last guy was particularly cool, thank you!

Haha Thought you would like him! I loved him but couldn't figure out a way to work him into my stuff. <3

Awwww thanks. My boi Ronan is just a super lovable baby who wants to kiss everyone. Also I love your character. ^^

HAhaha np. She's sooo beautiful. The colors flow so nicely together and look wonderful for an icon. This little critter is form 'The Dark Crystal.' A movie that was made in 1982; very similiar to The Labrynth. <3


When I'm bored.

Lol Just know that I can 100% draw better than that. <3 And you're welcome. 

Aaaah! Thank you so much! And thank you for the favorite spam. ^.^

Updated OC Profile- 3/7/18

Donovan Urice: Bio Updated

Buros Gilan: Bio Updated

Nyx Okami: Bio Updated

O'Calai-Hish'Tet Vent'L Oss'N: Bio Updated

Valara Kronn: Bio Updated

Star: Bio Updated

Wayland Tellis: Bio Updated

White Knight: Bio Updated

Updated OC Profile- 3/5/18

Candy: Picture Added

Weird Sue: Picture Added

Soul: Picture Added

Shyne Thunaahn: Picture Added 

Kaavgal Vishule: Picture Added

Zarha Mun: Bio Updated

Updated OC Profile- 3/6/18

Kaasta Verde: Bio Updated

William Starburn: Bio Updated

Angel Griego: Bio Updated

Joe Carrie: New Character

NVRMRE: New Character

Star: 2 Pictures Added

White Knight: Picture Added

Weird Sue: 2 Pictures Added

Sennet Vere: New Character

Profile Updated: Template Added

Updated OC Profile- 2/19/18

Cyborg: Picture Added

Valara Kronn: Picture Added

Updated OC Profile- 2/20/18

Lovebug: Picture Added

Khashoyar Fakhoury: Picture Added

Most of my character's profiles are still in progress. I have all the information on them, I just have to find time to type it all out for every single one of them so please be patient and check back again if you're curious! I have too many characters for my own good...