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Hi there! Before I let you in, there are a few rules that I'd love you to follow.



Don't: ✖
-Steal my art/design/character
-Give any of my design to blacklisted users
-Being rude/Cuss

-I'm a furry, don't like it? Dni.
-I'm part of the lgbtqia+ community. Don't like it? Dni.
-Please don't talk about my designs or art, it makes me feel uncomfortable.
I WILL ban/mute anyone I saw that's cussing, since I can't accept people cussing around, it really really makes me feel uncomfortable.

Content Warnings:

My profile contains:

-lgbtqia+ content

Thats all! If you press that green button down there, it means that you understand and will follow my rules! If you ignore them, you will recive a ban. Have fun! :)


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