Genetic Earth

Humans are still the dominant species. History is the same, technological advances are the same. The only difference is that humans have found a way to alter genetics in a way that makes anything possible. Sonie and Bubble are both an example of this, as they all exhibit traits that would be impossible in real life.

This universe takes place several years after genes could be edited. At this point many genetically modified animals have escaped and reproduced. Sonie is a second gen of this, and Bubble is a forth. 

The main “gene editors” are the A.C.I (animal catching incorporated), a group of evil humans who don’t care about animals. They see them as “toys” and often expose them to dangerous or deadly genetic traits.

Most animals have human intelligence, or close to it. Because of this animals can use human technology, learn to read, and even talk to humans. This resulted in the animals forming a worldwide organization, known as the A.P.A.A. (Animals preventing animal abuse) The A.P.A.A helps save animals when humans are unable to. This organization is unknown to humans.

Other than genetic modification, there’s also magic to an extent. This world has two known Gods, as well as a Devil.

One of the God’s is named Oasis. She places animals souls into new bodies once they die. Animals can only remember past lives when in the afterlife, and individuals can choose to remain in the afterlife rather than be sent back down.

Oasis has unintentionally sent some of her godly powers down to earth, resulting in “magic”. Two other God like creatures (Sandra and DC) have done so as well, resulting in blue, green, and red magic. Blue is good, and will always be helpful. Green is neutral. Red is always bad, and will corrupt its user.

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