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Thank you for faving, Astrid! ♥

Hey! I saw you favourited 2 of my beans! First of all, thankyou! And second, would you want to maybe offer for them? ^-^

Giving a big ol phat shout out to opheer she's an amazing artists whose OC's are fucking badass babes with a compelling story that'll keep you gripping for more! 

Thanks a lot Doe!!

Nice art there! Ty for fav ^^

Hi! Just wanted to pop in and say that your art is absolutely amazing!   

Hey thanks man that's nice of you to say ^^

Howdy!! Just wanted to say I absolutely love your icon, it's so bouncy and happy! :D

Aw thank you! 

I just wanna say that your art is adorable and I adore your fursona Koyo. I have a Dutchie named Lulia who also represents my liking for the stars above. I plan to make her into a Fursuit one day. 

In other words: Keep up the good work and keep on drawing Koyo (along with your other sonas)!

Aw thank you so much! Your comments definitely given me more artistic confidence! I hope you get your fursuit one day :D suiting is a great experience! 

I bet Fursuiting is a great experience! I sure hope I’ll be able to commission you one day! :D

I should have commission prices up soon :D

Im also making fursuits in the newr future ! I have my beta version in the works atm so it may be a bit before those roll out. 

That’s cool! I hope it all goes well for you! 😁