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I just ate a whole bag of flaming hot cheetos

Thanks a lot for the fave and the sub! Your chars are lovely! ;v;/

Yours too ٩( 'ω' )و

Of course!!

Aaa tysm for the sub bac k :'0c <33

Ofc!! I must've forgotten to before because tbh I thought I was already   

ayyy ;ww; ❤❤

thanks for subscribing !!!

i really like your characters, and i was really happy to see you fave RK600! ; w ;

Y'all u have nice designs ofc!!     dbh is my jam

thanks for the faves <3 <3 <3

no thank y o u bro

/but ofc ofc how could I not/

idk but hell your ocs are so spicy i know why your name is spicyboi now

hella spice

if mine are spicy yours are full on SEASONED for days i'm quaking

tysm bro

oh hi you got some cuties here~

Aw thank you!! 💕💕

You're welcome!


thanks for faving Saki!!