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Feel free to draw any of my characters unless they're tagged "Do Not Draw"! This includes featuring my CS characters in event/quest art for their respective groups. I'm okay with surprise art, but please:

  • No eyestrain (motion and radial blur, fast/choppy/flashy animations, and optical illusions such as chromatic aberration/"fake 3D" effects)
  • Read my characters' personality info and design notes before drawing them
  • Ask before drawing mature content, animations, or AU/crossover art (aka drawing them outside of their canon setting or with characters from other settings)
  • Ask before writing about my characters

If you want to draw for me but don't have a specific character in mind, consider drawing characters from my Priority tag! It contains my main characters + newer ones who don't have much art yet.

Thanks and have a lovely day!

P.s. - If you wanna do holiday-specific art this winter, pls check with me to make sure the character you're drawing actually celebrates that holiday. Regular wintery themes are fine for all characters, tho!

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