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Are any of your pillowings up for offers? qwq

I'm sorry, but they are not. Every one of them has their own place where they are used and have their own reason for being with me. I draw different ones based on my different moods and current mental state, so even though I have a decent number of them, each and every one of them is very dear to me.

That being said, please feel free to participate actively in the Pillowing-Pile Group on Deviantart. By drawing Pillowings/Lintlings, you can earn the Clovercoins needed to obtain your own pillowing (Either through a MYO slot in the Rewards Shop or by purchasing one through the Thrift Store). Or you can wait for an event and try to earn/win a pillowing that way <3 (Keep an eye out for the Spooky Month coming up)

Okay!! :)

-clings- What is this sorcery?


I just remembered my Scyther-cat came with a few extra art pieces, so I figured I'd link them here for you~ http://operia.deviantart.com/art/Blade-Icon-417502037 http://operia.deviantart.com/art/January-Assignment-The-Chase-428869275

Hope you don't mind what I've done with him. I'm probably going to do a few images of him later today as well <3 (At least attempt to do some cute images of him, lol. I have a few sketches of him being fierce, though, already ♥)

Honestly I'm really impressed <33 I think it's great that he's getting so much use! Thanks again for taking care of him ;w;