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Thanks so much for the pokémon design! It looks great!!

Thank you so much for the fakemon!! They’re so cute!

Do you have a discord?

-clings- What is this sorcery?


I just remembered my Scyther-cat came with a few extra art pieces, so I figured I'd link them here for you~ http://operia.deviantart.com/art/Blade-Icon-417502037 http://operia.deviantart.com/art/January-Assignment-The-Chase-428869275

Hope you don't mind what I've done with him. I'm probably going to do a few images of him later today as well <3 (At least attempt to do some cute images of him, lol. I have a few sketches of him being fierce, though, already ♥)

Honestly I'm really impressed <33 I think it's great that he's getting so much use! Thanks again for taking care of him ;w;