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Character theft (Bienie)

Posted 11 months, 10 days ago by SpitfiresOnIce

Figured I should make a post here, too.

It seems someone has been using Bienie as their own character and commission art of them. This happened a while ago, it's happening again now, and they're currently doing it on Instagram as well.
I do not use Instagram. If you see someone using Bienie on there, that is not me.

All I ask is that
- If you see someone commissioning art of Bienie, and they're not a friend of mine or anything, don't accept the commission, and if you see someone else doing it, tell the person they're commissioning that the character is stolen.
- If you see art of Bienie that was commissioned by this person, especially on Instagram, by any chance, could you send the image to me? It's... really weird to have art of them floating around that I don't know of. I'd really prefer to know about it and see the art pieces in question. That's my character. I want to see what's being drawn of them. I know this image exists, for example, but I don't know the artist or what the full image is. If anyone could help me find the art that exists that I didn't commission, that would be hugely appreciated.

I've been having a bit of a rough time lately, and this is the last thing I need. I don't want the person harassed, they're clearly not intending to stop anyway, I just want the word out there that that character is mine, and I want to make sure they don't commission anything bad of them. This character is one of the few things that really mean a lot to me. I've been through times where someone kept drawing NSFW of them; I don't want similar things to happen ever again. I'm really tired and sad

Namely, the following:


I have a lot of characters, and I can't connect with everyone equally. I'm not guaranteeing I'll let anyone go, but I might if the offer is right.

I'm looking for:
- Money (or alternatively, DeviantArt points)
- Art (specify the type of art and how much you're offering)

Nothing else. You can offer freely, or ask me about a specific character. Not all of them can be sold, but I'll let you know about this!

Spam is done

Posted 3 years, 7 months ago by SpitfiresOnIce

I finally finished adding all art for Bienie! Well, all art - there are still some pieces left and right, and I will add them slowly over time, but the majority of the images are in there. At last!

Thanks for everyone who didn't unsubstribe yet ffffff