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I love you!!!

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

plants a smooch on ur profile

Your art is really cute =^-^=

Thank you c:

hiya there! :D <3

Hey! I had no idea you had a Toyhouse, nice to see you here :D Your CSS looks great!

hehe ive been here for little time yet xD Thank you ^_^ It's still bit on progress since im so out of inspiration, im bad at designing, i have the skill to make anything i want, but not creativity to invent pretty design XD sad

I feel you! I'm interested in getting some fancy design too, but no idea how to even start pfffff

:Dd i just had general idea like this but i'd like to work more on it to make it more unique and special XD eventho everything here is coded by me now

That is so cool! I find coding hard to do, no idea how it all works. Maybe one day I'll get it!

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Hey I just wanted to ask, how'd you get those small text thingies below your username? The "Bienie - they/them - 21 - Belgium" and "Character belongs to SpitfiresOnIce! Please do not copy or claim as your own." ;v;

Hey there! For the text appearing on your profile, go to Settings > Profile > Advanced Options > Profile Blurb! For the one appearing on character pages, it's two boxes under that, on Global Characters Blurb :) Hope that helped!

Ah, thank you!! I was guessing it might be those settings, but I couldn't try it out since I don't have Premium Membership currently uvu

Oh right, I totally forgot that could indeed be a premium thing! Fair point :P

your characters are so nice im in love

Thank you aaaaa ;u;

u need an icon

I doooooooo