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Hi, I'm Inu!

I'm the host of the Chaos Scroll Sys! I'm the youngest one here, being a toddler compared to my sibling and others of my species! I'm 17!! Be aware I'm not the only one in the sys who uses this Toyhouse account, so your messages might not be responded to by me, but rather someone else!


  • I'm an Algebralian, and I don't understand human things all that well.
  • Four animates with me sometimes!
  • My older sibling is Two! They host their own show called The Power Of Two, please go watch it if you haven't already!
  • I often talk like I'm roleplaying, or if I'm in a video game. Please know this is completely normal, and I don't mean to sound like this! I often use tone tags to get my point across.


  • Talk to us and send us messages!                          
  • Ask about our characters!
  • Ask us about our triggers!
  • Show us your characters! (we love to look at them)


  • Yell at us
  • Call us names
  • Invalidate our triggers and/or memories.

Here's some warnings just in case you need them! I, Inu, am very energetic so please be aware of that if you talk to us and you see me specifically respond!


  • Everyone has different emoticons before they speak, please be aware of this, and if you're not sure who you're talking to, please feel free to ask!
  • We draw gore on occasion, mostly Four. Four draws gore as a way to vent.
  • One of our fictives, Kratcy, doesn't speak English very well, he speaks mostly Russian. Please be patient with him.
  • Four is very fear-prone, he's very skittish. Please be gentle with him.


  • You are racist, ableist, lgbtphobe, pedo/MAP/PEAR/whatever the fuck you call yourselves you can fuck off, basically if you're a shithead then fuck off.
  • You follow/support Vivi/QueenOfNoizonia on Quotev (she ab//sed us for years)
  • You dislike/don't support systems
  • You follow/support people who follow/support Vivi
  • You aren't into the media that some of our fictives come from/are triggered by such media
  • You're only going to ask us for our characters/permission to steal what's in our worlds
  • You're an art/character thief and/or a tracer
  • Just don't interact in general if you're a fucking shithead. Fuck off if you're a bad person.

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