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I might have already asked at one point, but how do you make your chara names in that font? With the tiny text all caps?

Just wanted to drop by and say thank you for that wonderful boy you sent me (and for tagging me on DA for the ownership change--that's much appreciated). <3 I'm definitely looking forward to developing his character!

I'm happy you like him! I loved his design but I couldn't connect with him ; v ; I look forward to seeing how you develop him! 


I'm happy you like it. Thank you ^^

OMG, just found your page and your characters are so cute! <3

Thank you so much ♡

No problem!

your characters r so pretty!!

Thank you! ^^

Okay. I'll try to draw it asap.

Sorry for the wait. I'm going to sleep but I'll put it up when I wake. 

Sounds good!

Posted it. Thanks for patience. 


I love all of your OC's <33

Thank you <3 I'm glad.

Hi and thank you, I appreciate it! ^^ I don't have a ping list but I do have a folder for trades/sales: and a forum here about it: Thanks again

your characters are adorable im crying

Aw thank you !

Anytime. Cool ocs :D

Aaaaaaahhhh I hope you don't mind my fave spam too much /)//////(\ you just have so many lovely characters, I had to take a look at them all <333

Aw thank you so much! ; v ; <333 I really need to sort and write more about them. Sorry about the mess. 

jw do u accept art of your chars ;w;; I want to draw usmth ;w; <3

Aww sure if you want to <3

I recommend the rectangular avatar ones because I'm still sorting my messy character list xD

I got the profile code so I'll send you it!

do you mind if I ask how in the world did you make your character thumbnails? O: theyre super cute aaa

I don't mind at all! Can you show me an example/ link character? Because I'm so unorganized there are different ones ;; 

Oh, basically like this ones!

Oh! I used this website:

Choose Animation -> Sparkles Effect ^^

fowejfiowejfoiwejfoiejwfjw THANK YOU SO MUCH ;o; I love him so much ahhhhh <3

You're very welcome! I'm glad you like him ;; I was worried you might not if his hair seems a bit close to green loll

Have fun <3

I love him so much ;-; He's 100% my aesthetic too sjoidejwd (I don't mind seafoam colours~ It's the bright obvious greens I'm not a huge fan of ;; and I love him regardless~)

Thank you so much again ;-; I'll take good care of him~

Thanks. I love her!

You're welcome! I'm happy you do ^^

ahhhh! Thank you for the cute squid boy I love him so much~

I'm so glad you do. I thought he might fit your preferences ;v ; have fun!!

hehe you certainly thought right!~ pretty monster boys are my jam, yo <3 and I Love tentacle hair, haha.

Aww cool! I still love his design and tentacle hairrr but I didn't really use him. ;; I'm glad he's found a good home!

OMG, she is sooo cute! Thank you sooo much! <3

No problem.I hope you enjoy her ^^

Homg, we are both Aussies *minority high fives*

Nice to meet ya! *High fives!!!* So rare LMAO XD

We're like an endangered species online, I swear.

I know there are more of us out there but where...?! ; v ; 

Thank you for faving my kids, it's appreciated!

Ps I've been meaning to tell you but I think you're cool for constantly giving away designs in the bin, it's Super kind.

Anytime ! ' v '

Ahhh thank you! It's really nice of you to say djskaj.. I really appreciate it v////v

Thank you so much for the fave, on my babe Mamoru !~

Any time ^^

For your characters named ??? Are you looking for names? Or are you still not sure what you're doing with them? Just wondering because I had a name suggestion for one ^^

Oh ! I recently uploaded those.. I've changed it so ones seeking names are 'TBA' and '???' Are unsure what I'll do with. ^^ As of now, I only changed one of them to TBA. Feel free to suggest names. Thanks :3

Hello and thank you for inviting me!

You're very welcome! I hope you have fun here. ^^

So pretty *O* any time.

Thanks for the fave! ^^

Anytime :3

Sekai is really pretty ♡

Any time ^^

anytime ^^

Thanks for the fav on my lovely bab ♥ Also I think I already said that to you at least once but you have amazing characters and gijinkas on here ;///; <3

Aw, thank you and you're always welcome *O*

how do you make your page so pretty <3

Ahh thank you <3 I'm actually pretty hopeless with coding so I bought the template and tweaked the colors ;; ( from here if you're interested! )

Thanks deary! youre a god send <3 <3

Broken image again the dollmaker thread. :'3 I think it just dislikes you~

Noooo //rolls in pool of tears. I'll put stash links up when I get on a computer ;;

No problem!! I'm not even home at the moment, so I'll grab it come Saturday. But I really like how you made him! ; v;

I'm happy to hear that, thank you! ; v ;

Yeah, of course! Can't wait to get home and save it ' v'

I don't know if the post got eaten or something, but your post in the Doll Maker thread is blank. ; v;

Oh that's strange O.O! Thanks for letting me know. I still have the images so I'll edit it when I get on a computer :3

If you have the formatting set to anything other than paragraph, or if the image file doesn't end in an image extension (i.e. .jpg, .png, etc.), Toyhouse tends to hate it. But it's not problem! Looking forward to seeing what you came up with! ' v'/

Oh I see. I just checked both those things and it was fine ; v ;

Aaah! He's cute~!

Wanted to let you know I finished your character on this board! Thank you for your time! ♥

Hi! Thank you <3 Am I allowed to make some edits? :O Also in the event I don't click with her, I'll let you know and return ; v ;

Sure, I'm fine with edits! Please let me know if she doesn't work out with you though (since I'd like to keep her if not). Thanks! c:

Sure! Thank you so much for designing her :3

Hello, just letting you know I've had difficulty connecting with her so you may keep her. ; v ; Thank you so much for everything! I still appreciate it.

Thanks for letting me know! I'll be keeping her then!

Thank you for the like on Agnes!! ^^

Thank you for the like! !!!!!!!!!!!! ^w^

Anytime :3

Thank you for the like!! XD


I don't remember if I already told you this, but I wanted to make sure you knew.. Gabriel is my second account, and I keep all my OC's there and then transfer them over as I fill out their bios. Just so you know why I sent the freeb you gave me to Gabriel x3 Didn't want you to worry <3

Oh thanks :3 np

Thank you very much ;v;

np enjoy ^^

Thank you for the like!! XD

anytime ^ ^

Ahh~ thank you for the fave ;w;

Anytime :)

Ahh~ I forgot to ask earlier, but when I was playing around with Freya I noticed there was a set of outfits attached and I was wondering if they came with Freya and if you'd be wanting them back c: //Wouldn't wanna use them without your permission ;w;

They come with her. When I received her they were attached so :3 they're yours.

Ahh, I see c: I might be changing her gender and outfit so would it be fine with you if I reuse the outfits for other OCs? c:

Mhm go ahead :P

Okay c: Thank you so much <3

Waah~ ♥ Thank you for faving Magicka! ♥

No problem ♥ she's very pretty.

Thanks for the fav ;w;

anytime! <:

thank you for the fave! ; o ; all your characters are so cute

You're very welcome ; v ; and thank you.

Thank you, so much for the fave! o v o

Anytime ^ ^)

omg o)-< just wanted to stop by and say your new name is epic ;; w ;; )b

Aww ajdksaj thank you! * ^ * //glomps

//Cuddles// Hehee <3 Thank you for the fave ;w;

//Snugs// Anytime <3

Thank you for the faves and the sub! ;u;

Of course! You have lovely characters ; v ;

Ahh<3 Thank you so much for the faves c':

you're most welcome! thank you too <3

your character Joslyn is such a qt BAAABE! all your oc's are mega adorable. (  ゚,‿ゝ゚)

Aww thank you so much ! * v *

Thank you for the fave dear!

Loved your character. ^^ Thank you as well. :3

Ditto~ <3

SOOOUUULLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!~~~~~~~ this is is chief from dev!!! ;v;

Helllllooo~ //subscribes. * ^ *

//HOLDS U// no really- dear, how are you--?

//HELD// * v * I'm fine, just ughh exam and assessment week at school yo ; w ; thanks for asking~ how are you? :3

Thanks for the sub ^^

Very welcome! ^^)