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Emergency Sale

Posted 11 months, 7 days ago by Starion

Hey there everyone! So, fun fact: I'm in the process of moving out! Yay!

But holy crap did I underestimate just how expensive this shit is, my goodness

So, uh, yeah. As such, most of the characters on my Toyhouse are available for sale--some I may not be able to sell due to being trades, but feel free to poke into just about anything.
Feel free to either comment here or DM me if you're interested in someone, and I'll let you know of their price, as I know many don't have it listed in their bios <3
I'm about to go to bed once I post this, so I'll get back to you as soon as I can tomorrow!

I would also need full payment by no later than Jan 10th. Thank you for your time!


Posted 11 months, 27 days ago by Starion

Einnob > Starion

Just so y'all know <3


Posted 5 years, 5 months ago by Starion

All three of them sold ;; Thank you guys so much <3333


Posted 5 years, 5 months ago by Starion

Need them gone ASAP to help pay for car repairs. Up for haggling somewhat, but only looking for money right now; can also do payment plans up until the end of July. <3

Starderg Pixel Things?

Posted 5 years, 7 months ago by Starion


Okay so people apparently have been really enjoying these things, so...I'll open to take a few! :u

Stardragons only!

Totally free of charge since I'm working off of pixel bases that were made originally for Homestuck (the feastings sprites) and you're not allowed to use them to make a profit. Which is fine! These are just something fun for me to do. :3c

Just post links to a starderg of yours (along with some words to describe their personality if you haven't written a bio for them yet). You may post multiple Stardragons but I'll only choose a max of one per person.

I won't make any promises to get to everyone, but I'll do as many as I can!! Post away!


Posted 5 years, 8 months ago by Starion

Hey there guys! Doing a little cleanout of some chars I've had sitting around in my folders on my computer for a while. :v

All of their prices are inside their profiles~

If interested, just reply here or PM me!

Stardragons? Stardragons.

Posted 5 years, 9 months ago by Starion


So I've kinda been sitting here for a while and finally thought I'd really love to RP more with my Starbeebs ;v; Or at least plot stuff and make connections between them and other people's Stardragons because it's only so entertaining to connect them with each other between what I myself have. >>

I'd be down for RP in Discord, Skype, PMs, the forum, whatever works. I'm not heavily into script RP and much prefer writing actual sentences and whatnot. I'm not a long poster (most of the time...coughs), but I don't mind post length from my RP partners. :3 Poke me on here or on Discord (for fellow Starderg discord group peeps) if you're interested in any of these dergs~ I'd love to work something out!

Homestuck Trash Incoming

Posted 6 years, 7 months ago by Starion

Gonna be uploading my Homestuck babs soon, maybe later today or sometime during the week. :U Just to give you all a heads-up.

LF: Stardragons or Other RPers

Posted 6 years, 8 months ago by Starion

Hey there! So now that I've got pretty much everything settled out for my Stardragons, I'd like to start looking to fill some relationships for a few of them~ eue Not the lovey-dovey kind, but just relationships with other stardragons in general! I'll list out the characters below and what I'm looking for; a couple of slots I might be willing to buy a stardragon from someone, and some I might just really want someone else to fill.

These are just really specific roles, for the most part. This doesn't mean I don't want to throw my babs at others for some fun! Even if you don't have something that might suit what I've listed, please feel free to poke me here or on FA if ever you'd like to RP with one of them! :D 


Enemy: So I'm really looking for someone to be my starfisher boy's enemy. And I don't mean just competative friends, I mean enemies that downright don't like each other no matter what and fight most of the time they run into each other. >:U Like another Starfisher perhaps, or maybe even the captain of a ship--could have been the one to cause his scars and/or torn tail. (And I certainly won't deny the ever-great cliche of the enemies turning into lovers or something, COUGH.) Looking for this to be played by someone else, not really interested in purchasing a bab for this~


: Just looking for some friends in general for my little Stardasher girl! She lives in Westerfield and does a lot of the trading between tribes, and I'm just hoping to find some friends to be traders with her. Will either buy Stardragons for this or have other RPers for it~ eue


Best Friend: This is where I'm gonna get a little more specific. I'm really looking for a Starweaver to fill this role, one that's shown her how to meditate and has basically helped her get more in-tuned with the religious side of things. Travels with her across the Great Expanse and other nearby areas to offer spiritual guidance and medicinal healing. Would love to buy a Stardragon for this, but if you've got one that you want to keep to pair with her, feel free to share them, too!