Strabi's Bulletins

to vomco

Posted 1 month, 16 days ago by Strabi

Because I cannot make a private amendment and have been publicly posted about, I would like to make a public apology. vomco

Regarding the f2u Bayfox code, it was my mistake for not understanding what "redistributing" meant. I assumed it was "commercial redistribution" but not for "non-commercial" use. I had no intention of maliciously "stealing" or profiting off of it. But, even though I did credit, I still understand my mistake, so I only wish to apologize for borrowing assets without expressed permission.

Because you blocked me outright and put me on a blacklist, I can’t reach out to you more privately. I wish you had, as you stated in your TOS for rule breakers, "asked [me] personally to right [my]self."

You have made absolutely no attempt to contact me: send me a PM, comment, or anything at all. I feel extremely wronged because this shows you aren't upholding your TOS and that you have put me in a very bad position without even being given a chance to apologize and correct my error.

I have removed the code publicly and it is no longer available.

Edit 7/7: *I would like to clarify none of my other codes have borrowed assets. Please leave them alone, thank you!